Sunday, November 04, 2007

Reflections of my Trip to Austin (Part II.)

I sat in the lobby of the rehab center for about 30 or 40 minutes before the lady I was supposed to be meeting with came and got me. I'm usually bored when I have to wait places that long. It's not like I can pick up a magazine and flip through the pages, check out other people's outfits, or text message on my cell phone as I wait. So, waiting is something that I don't get a thrill out of at all.

But waiting for my meeting that morning was not so bad. I was completely enthralled by the number of blind people who were walking, carrying on with life, laughing, working, and learning with such confidence. I was proud to be apart of a group of people that decided to not let the darkness stop them from seeing the light of life.

I sat there and thought about how these people were walking around, some with a quick pace, tapping their canes, doing what they needed to do to be alright. You talking about some survivors!

I hated that even I was not used to seeing this many blind people on point, taking care of business, and handling up on life. I was pleasantly shocked of all the major confidence and solid adjustment that I witnessed in a couple of the people I observed. It was great. It was inspiring.

I sat there and wished that I could be in that environment more often. I wished that the people I love could see these blind people on the move, fighting to have independence, fighting to be alive and happy. I wished that the readers of my blog could see these people as they were carrying out their day. I wished that everyone that's anyone could have seen what I was getting a chance to witness. It was great.

***I'll have a couple more entries regarding my trip to Austin before I leave this series along. Stay tuned and stay inspired.****


Lovebabz said...

Hey Sister,

Just by virtue of you narrative post, I got it and I could feel your feelings. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I too am digging the Thinking Black Man!


Anonymous said...

Hey Lovebabz! Thanks for dropping by and making a comment. You're welcomed to come back anytime you feel.

May God bless you!


samax said...

"pleasantly shocked"... now you know WE feel around you! i'm still getting blank stares from people who met or saw you at the wedding when they find out you're blind (many didn't figure it out on their own)!

you amaze me with how you cross the line from just surviving to thriving in a circumstance that could cause you to despair!

Anonymous said...

Hey Samax! I didn't even realize that you had left this comment.

Who didn't figure out I was blind? Your family? Marcus? BTW: How is he anyway? Devia told me that she has the picture that I took with him.

Angie Braden