Sunday, March 15, 2009


I'm experiencing a strange transition. And this transition has kept me from my blog. NuVision has been my home for so long. It has been the place that I felt safe to be me, free to remove my garments, and strong enough to explore parts of my life that I left untouched for so long.

But these days, I'm not feeling so comfy with NuVision. And I'm not sure why.

Perhaps I've said all there is to be said here. Perhaps I'm experiencing my annual burn out. It may be that maintaining this blog feels like work rather than an escape from the grind of daily responsibilities. Or it may possibly be that I'm starting to grow uncomfortable revealing so much of my emotional nudity on a blog that has now started attracting people that "know" me.

Whatever it is, it has kept me from my baby on the web. I have left this blog neglected. I don't even check the stats. And that's strange. Even if I didn't post, my nosiness would cause me to check the stats daily to see who was lurking and peeking in the windows, trying to see what they could see, without making a comment to reveal their presence.

Will I give up NuVision and permanantly retreat to Facebook, the place where I can connect with real people, while revealing one sentence updates about myself? Or will I continue to come here to NuVision and reveal paragraphs of myself to people that I mostly do not know and a few that I do know?

Only time will tell.

In the meantime, I will wait this thing out. And probably by the end of the month, I will decide if I will continue with the blog or say goodbye to my three-year-old friend, who has offered me so much in the last 36 months.

To all of my faithful readers: I love you. I really do! And I wish the best for you. Continue to be patient with me as I either find my voice again or decide if I want my voice heard on this platform.

Lovingly submitted,
Angela L. Braden
Author of NuVision for a NuDay
March 2006 to March 2009


Lovebabz said...


I so feel you on this. I too am struggling with what else can I say...until I got a long and loving email from a woman in the midwest who said my writing helped her get through her day as she too was going through a divorce.

Search your heart. Take your time. I am hoping you will continue...but it is up to you my dearest.

Ben Coleman Jr. said...

I understand where you are, Angie. I live a hectic life, and do not know how I found time to start blogging. What I do know is that God has given me something to say, and this is a great outlet for it.

Agreeing with Lovebabz, only you know what His will is for you. I know you well enough that he will give you the peace you need to hear Him clearly.