Thursday, May 21, 2009

Please Introduce Yourself

I've noticed that traffic has slowed down here on my blog. It is quite likely that my readers have stopped coming here because I've been so slow to post. I'm sorry about that!!!

I have so much I need to say. So much I want to say... And interestingly enough, most of what I need and want to say, I don't feel I should say it here. That's why the posts have slowed down.

Also, I would like to hear from you more! I hoped that NuVision would be a platform for discussion. But my voice is usually the only one that's heard here.

Of course, I have my regulars that stop in from time to time. Ensayn, Sacredly Breathing, Chi-Chi, Lovebabz, MackDiva, and a few others. I even have a new visitor, who has been so kind to my blog. Thanks Becky!!!

And then there are those that cruise through my spot, but never leave a comment. Please tell me who you are!!! I would love to know what do you think of the blog. Heck, what do you think of me?

So, Montgomery, Vegas, Chicago... Let me hear from you. Introduce yourself!!!

I don't bite. Well, not unless you're a piece of bread or a fine man. LOLOL Carbs and fine men just have that affect on me!


Becky said...

I enjoy reading your blog - at times I read and smile, laugh, cry, and feel inspired! Thank you. I am in the slow process of losing my vision to RP - I appreciate connecting with other women on this journey.

Tiffany said...

Hi Angela!

Your blog is fantastic, very honest and open, and I really appreciate your beautiful writing. I stop by every so often and I've never commented. I'm sure that there are tons of readers who love your blog but don't get around to posting a comment -- don't worry, your readership is out there!


Kari Kelley said...

My name is Kari and I am a legally blind black woman and I am in school to become a life coach. I am looking for women like you to get inspiration as I go through my journey. Thank you for creating this blog.