Sunday, April 04, 2010

Graveyard Treasures

I've just heard that a very successful film and television writer, who was also a very popular blogger, has passed away. He was only 48.

So many thoughts have rushed through my head since I heard the news. I won't go into it here. Well, not now. Perhaps, when my thoughts slow down, I'll be able to articulate what I'm feeling.

Honestly, it's not that I'm particularly heart-broken for this man. I didn't know him. I'll admit to not being a consistent reader of his blog. And I didn't know until this morning that he was a multiple Emmy winning writer. Interestingly enough, I wasn't even a fan of those shows that showered him with so much commercial and critical acclaim.

To be quite honest, his death, more than what I knew of his life, has inspired me.

His life ended so young. However, during the 48 years that he was able to live, he did live. He enjoyed his life, and shared his God-give gifts with the world. He has passed away from this world, but he left a legacy behind.

Yes, he died... But his writings will live forever.

My friend Randevyn wrote and recorded a song entitled, "Graveyard Treasures". The song is about all the books, scripts, music, sculptures, paintings, architecture, scientific breakthroughs, athletic abilities, and so on are buried in the graveyard with individuals that didn't share them when they were living.

Thankfully, the gifts that God gave this particular writer didn't go in the casket with him. Instead, his treasures will live, even when all of us have gone.

I'm now more motivated to make sure that I'm not buried in a casket that is made crowded by all of the treasures I should've left behind.

**Rest peacefully, David Mills. Thanks for using your life and death to teach us some lessons.**


Kit (Letters To A Young Sista) said...

This hit a nerve with me as I imagine it will with many other bloggers.

Kit (Keep It Trill) said...

Angie, you asked in an email what I meant by 'hit a nerve'. I meant that many bloggers and people who enjoy writing would also like to leave a legacy thru their writing. Mills, aka UBM was fortunate to be able to do this. It's just sad that he passed so young, and I wonder what other work he would have done.