Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Blind as a Bat

In the recent months, I've been spending a lot of time conversing with people that I have known all my life, but didn't really hang out with before now. Thanks to my family reunion, I've developed relationships that I truly cherish and hope to further develop over time.

While hanging with my family, I've noticed how often people use "blind" references to make their point about various things. And interestingly enough, they make these references directly to me when conversing to me, and they say these things while in my presence. Now, here's the thing... I'm not offended by their references, but I do notice them. And for the record, I don’t think they are being mean or malicious. I simply think that they are not used to being around someone that is actually blind.

I know you may be wondering at this point, what is a "blind reference. Here are a few examples and my silent responses to their remarks.

"If I don't have my glasses on, I'm blind as a bat."
Really how blind is a bat? Blinder than me? LOL

"Even Stevie Wonder can see that."
Why are you picking on Stevie? LOL Stevie is likely more capable of "seeing" than you. Seeing has very little to do with the eyes if you ask me.

"Those two are like the blind leading the blind."
Who said that the blind can't lead the blind? Ask a few blind people about that. LOL It is common for the blind to lead the blind. LOL

"Looks like Ray Charles picked out her clothes this morning."
I don't know about Ray Charles, but I pick out my clothes in the morning just fine. Have you seen me lately?

"I can't see a thing."
I'm the one that can't see a thing! LOL

Again, I'm not offended. My skin is thicker than that. However, I do notice when people make references to the blind. And with that being said I feel that people need to consider what they say before they say it.

And what’s really interesting is that these people really have no clue what it means to be blind as a bat or blind as Angela.

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Anonymous said...

hey angie
this is meka and i must agree with the statement about stevie. i actually had an opportunity to spend a day with him in an intimate setting and i promise i forgot the man was blind. but just as he is awesome, i always brag to people about you and how i was amazed by your life. you are so inspiring. i have always had an interest in sign language until my mom took in a child and over the years, he lost his sight but he didnt allow it to handicap him at all. i told him about you and how you live your life with no "cants" or "aints". i bragged to my mom about your greatness and i was finally was able to show her angie, at the recording. i was inspired initially because of how you live as a blind person but now after being around you i can say angie b is just awesome without a doubt, all around, and i am glad to say i have met angie b.