Sunday, August 05, 2012

Another Edition of my Random Thoughts

Here are a few of my random thoughts about very specific things.

1. One of my favorite things to do is make my nieces and nephew laugh. Whether it's by telling funny jokes, making weird faces, dancing silly, or by tickling them, as long as I get them to laugh, I'm happy. The biology of humor has always been interesting to me, especially the tickling sensation. Tonight, I decided to use Google to try to find out what is happening in our brain when we laugh. I found a pretty neat article on the subject on the web. I thought I would share.

2. This week, I went to my state's voc rehab agency to apply for services. There's no doubt that I was a bit uncomfortable. There's something about unloading all of your personal business to someone that will document it in a system that can be accessed by all of your former co-workers. It's rather unfair, in my opinion. There should be some kind of way to lock my info down to maintain my privacy, especially since I've had a dual relationship with the agency. Oh, well...

3. A couple weeks ago, I found out that I didn't get selected for a job I really, really wanted. I did get a phone interview, but that was about it. I wish I knew what it was I needed to possess to get called in for a face to face interview for that position. I hope I have better luck with the jobs I plan to apply for in the coming weeks.

4. I'm still working on my memoir. I've written about 120 pages. My plan is to complete the manuscript before I try to shop it to a literary agent. Hopefully, I'll be finished with the first draft of this project before November 1st.

5. I kind of sort of experienced a break up of sorts this week. While it is painful to let someone go, there are times when it really is the best thing to do. I wish we could still be friends, although I'm not sure if that's possible. In my rather narrow perspective, I believe that people who love each other should be able to love each other in and under varying circumstances. Just because the definition of the relationship changes, that shouldn't mean that the love has to disappear. Maybe it doesn't.. disappear. Perhaps some people only know how to demonstrate their love with certain people in a very limited way. I'm not sure... I'll admit to being a bit unsure of myself when it comes to issues of love and romance when I'm one of the individuals in the said relationship.

6. Someone I love very much has cancer. Every day, all day, I pray for her. It's so hard for me to consider the future. The idea of her not being present is far too much to handle. So, I will continue to look ahead, only one year at a time. Sadly, I've been doing this every since my mother had her first stroke. That's been about ten years now. So, I have plenty practice when it comes to limiting my range of imagination as it pertains to my future.
It is certainly my prayer that my family member is with us for years and years to come. God bless her and others as they battle cancer.

7. This week I found dozens and dozens of blogs that I want to take a look at. It's my plan to check out at least a blog a day for the next 30 days. As I find blogs that I really like, I'll post them to my blog roll.

8. I got a new bedroom group. It's cute! I'm really enjoying being in my room these days.

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