Friday, June 16, 2006


If anyone is reading this blog besides me, I’m sure my off and on absence has been noticed. I made a commitment to blog 3 times a week. Have I? Of course not…

Let me explain… The afternoon of Mother’s Day, my house caught on fire for the 3rd time in 6 months. I was in the middle of helping my mother close on a new house. And I had my usual stuff going on around me that stresses me all the way out. Oh yeah… My internet access was interrupted by the move. There it is… My excuses for not adhering to my blog schedule. Please forgive me.

So, in order to let myself off the hook and to deflate some of the pressure that’s on me, I have decided to make some modifications to my blog schedule. At this point, I will only blog about disability issues. And not just “disability issues”, but my issues with my disability. I’m going to use this medium to discuss how my life is impacted by my blindness. You can expect to get something from me on the subject once or twice a week.

I hope and pray that my narrations about what I experience as a woman that’s blind will somehow educate, inspire, or just flat out entertain you. Take this journey with me. The journey to self love, growth, and peace.

Maybe later, when I’m more inclined, I will write about other subjects. The coolest thing about this blog is that it is mind. In fact, it’s one of the few things that is mine. So, I get to make this adjustment in my blogging schedule.

I pray that you are blessed and a recipient of God’s peace. Remember to love God, yourself, life, and others.


Mia said...

Your excuses for not adhering to your blog schedule seem solid to me! ;O)

I look forward to reading how your trip to Florida goes and wish you a peaceful journey.

Thank you for the comment on my blog. Have a beautiful day.

Anonymous said...

I didnt find thing that i need... :-(