Monday, August 20, 2007

Questions & Reflections

How is it possible to crave something you've never had?
How is it possible to miss something you've really never experienced?
How is it possible to know something you've never been taught?
How do you love someone you've never met?
How do you trust someone that has given you no reason to trust them?
Is it possible to unlearn all that you've learned?
Should feelings ever be considered facts?
Is fear always our enemy?
Do we live to live or to love?
Do each of us really have a purpose?
What's the meaning of life?
What's the meaning of my life?
Why is faith so easy to acquire, but so hard to hold on to?
Is a missed opportunity truly a missed opportunity?
If something is meant to be, then will it get a chance to one day be?
Are there no accidents in life?
Is there really a difference in reality and fantasy?
What does God really think of me?
What do I really think of God?
If we can waste time, can we gain time?
Do all good things really come to those who wait?
Am I on or off course?
How can I be certain that I'm on course?
If there are lessons in all mistakes, are mistakes a necessary aspect of life?
Do I love myself as much as I say I do?
Do I love God as much as I say I do?
Do I believe that God loves me as much as I say He does?
Is fulfillment possible in this present world?
Is there a quota set on how much pain one can feel in one lifetime?
Does everyone have access to happiness and peace?
Will I get a chance to be truly happy, at peace, and fulfilled before I fly away from this life.

Will I ever find the answers to these questions? Maybe, maybe not... But I'll never stop reflecting on these questions and what I think the answers are.

Lord, help me find my way in this maze that you have designed to be my life. Help me understand how I can maximize my time here in this present world. Help me to understand you better. Help me to understand myself better. Help me to understand life and how I fit in it better. Lord, just help me. I really do need you.

Humbly submitted,

Angela L. Braden


Forgiven said...


You pose many interesting and provocative questions. Some I think will and can be answered and some that will probably not.

I know for me that once I gave my life to God, I lost my why. I no longer get to ask God why me or why anything. Either God is everything or He is nothing. I have found in my life if I stay close to Him, then I don't have to keep asking what His will for my life is, I am His will. My job is to get as close to God as I possibly can and the things you seek will be there. "All things happen for good", it doesn't say some things or a few things, but all things. At the time with my limited vision of the world it may not seem like it's good, but God says that it is. God knows what I need to go through to get where He wants me to be.

Get under God, my sister and stay there. That is where all the answers you seek are hidden...

God bless you...

Maxjulian said...

Rather than "why," "what" seems more in order. What is the lesson that I am supposed to learn about me, what are the lessons? Why, for me, is like when I was a kid asking why - why can't I have this, why can't I have that? Everything is not for me and maybe the Universe is doing me a favor by denying me that thing I think I want. It may not be good for me much as I desire it.

Surrender and win.