Sunday, March 30, 2008

Back Home

I'm pleased to announce to the world that Angie is back home. Praise God!

As many of you know, the evening of November 7, we were burned out of our brand new home. I was forced to pay for high hotel rooms, to sleep on my cousin's sofa, and to eventually move into a roach infested apartment, until our house was reconstructed. But finally, after nearly four months, we were able to come back home. We moved in March 1st. Thank you, God!

And y'all, we came back home to upgrades. Ceramic tile, wood floors, beautifully painted walls, and so on. It was almost like getting a new house. Almost, but not really... But the new changes in the house kind of help you continue in the healing process.

I'm still trying to settle in. I've been buying things that we need to replace, from appliances (washer and dryer) to bath towels. It's so expensive starting over again. And yes, the insurance money gave us a little money to replace some things. But one thing they couldn't give me is time. I hate having to take the time to rebuild/replace/restart.

But I'm not gon' start complaining.

I'm a blessed woman. I'm home and settled into my home that was only a few moments of going up in total flames. Really, what is there to complain about?

Here's a few reasons why I am thankful regarding this fire.
1. The house was rebuildable.
2. We didn't lose everything.
3. We had insurance.
4. Mama and Jasmine were not at home. (I should have made that no. 1.)
5. I thank God that I live in a house and not an apartment.
6. I thank God that we are far away from that roach infested apartment that we had to call home for 3 months.
7. I thank God that my daddy was around to manage the rebuilding of the house. He's a good daddy, and a great man. I love him so much.

Some things I learned because of the fire...
1. Always have an insurance policy in place on everything you own.
2. Always stash money in a savings. If I had some money in savings, the tragedy of being burned out of our house would not have been so tragic. I would've been able to bounce back better.
3. Always read the fine print in your insurance policies.

In closing, I want to thank all of those who prayed for me and my family in the last few months. Thank you so much!



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