Monday, January 26, 2009

Random Reflections about very Specific Things

These are the random reflections that are flowing through my mind at this very moment.

1. Although I value "family", heritage, and legacy, I, in general, get sick of my family. I don't wish they would go away. I wish they would change the condition of their hearts. Changing their address is not a long term solution to the problems that plague them. It's the heart that needs a change.

I try my best to offer my support through prayer, advice, and even money. But to no avail, I don't see any lasting improvements. I just see people getting older, but not becoming more mature. That troubles me.

At this point, I don't know how to help them. I've done all that I can do. I've helped them so much that I've become more tired, anxious, cynical, and resentful than I was before I started dealing with them.

They have not improved. And I've gotten worse. That's a problem!

I will return to what I should have never left a few years ago. I will start praying and fasting again. But this time, I will not only pray for their deliverance, I will pray for mine.

I need a touch from God. I need to be healed.

2. My pastor preached about a broken spirit today. It was quite possibly one of the best sermons I've heard in my life.

I discovered that as much as I would like to hide it, I have a wounded spirit. It may not be broken. But it is definitely aching. And it's time for me to get better, to improve the condition of my heart, to get healed.

3. I'm tired of battling fat. My struggles with weight are really starting to get on my nerves. It seems that I'm like a fat magnet. If it's unassigned fat in the atmosphere, then my body grabs it. Well, at least, that's what it seems like. LOL

Today, I was reminded of how much weight I've picked up in the last year. As I hugged each woman at church, I noticed how thin or not so thin they were. I was perplexed by how many women were considerably smaller than me. I felt like a pig. A well dressed pig. But still a pig.

Tomorrow, I will begin the journey to disassociate myself with this fat. No longer will homeless fat find shelter in my body. It's gon' have to find a home elsewhere. And I mean it!

4. No more Cokes! Can I say that louder? NO MORE COKES!!!
Coca-Cola, get thee behind me! (Maybe if I rebuke that spirit of caffeine, it'll go. You think?)

All kidding aside, I have to shake the Coca-Colas. So, starting now, I declare it. And because it's here in writing, on my blog for all of my folks to see, I have to hold to it.

I know that not drinking any soda will help me lose 10 pounds right off the top. At least, I can look forward to those 10 pounds being gone, even if it's water weight.

5. I wish my daddy and mama could live forever with good health. I hate that death is inevitable for us all. I hate that death will one day separate me from them. I hate that I will likely be faced with the challenge of burying one or both of my parents. That's an awful prospect. I don't want to think about it any more tonight.

6. I'm glad that Chad, my fav cuz, is returning back to Houston in tomorrow. I miss him so much. I'm also glad that Miko is taking her butt home. I miss her tail too.

While I'm wishing folks could live forever, I might as well wish they (my close, close friends) can live forever too.

7. I wish I didn't have to go to work tomorrow. Oh well...

8. For the first time today, I felt like I'm absolutely supposed to be at my new church. That was an awesome feeling. I finally have peace about my decision to join. The heart doesn’t lie. And my heart led me there.

I felt connected. I felt like I was with family. I felt like I love them.

And I feel like my feelings are true.

9. I'm glad to be in the process of building new relationships. That's exciting. It gives me something to look forward to. And I have a feeling that these new relationships will introduce me to unbelievable possibilities.

10. Did I say I don't want to go to work tomorrow?

11. I'm drawn to a couple of folks, and I don't know why. I don't like not being clear on the "why" these individuals are in my life. I'll just leave it there.

12. I wish I didn't have to go to work tomorrow.

13. This blog entry started off kind of intense. But as I continued to write, I started feeling better. I thank God for the therapy that I feel when I communicate, either via writing or conversing.

14. I hate violence of any kind. But I sho' hate family violence. That seems like a paradox to me. *Family - Violence* Those two words shouldn't even be able to go together. Family love, family support, family health, family prayer, family communication, family dinner, even family conflict seems alright. But family violence? Come on now... Those words should be enemies.

15. I still don't want to go to work tomorrow. But I will. I'm thankful for my job. So, I got to prove how thankful I am by holding up the light, when I'm feeling a little dark.

16. I wonder what my folks will think about this blog when they finally read through it. I put money on it that the day they will read through it is after I'm in the ground. Sadly, some people don't pay attention to what they had until it's gone.

I'm sure they will be shocked that I've written so much over the last few years. I'm sure they will be mad about me occasionally writing about them, which I very seldom do. I'm sure they will be touched that the kids meant so much to me. And I'm also sure that they will learn some things about me that they really could've have learned if they paid close enough attention.

17. I'm sleepy. I'm calling it a wrap on this entry. These random thoughts are making me more tired than I was before I started writing.

Peace and light,
Ms. Braden


Lovebabz said...

This is hte cool thing about can say what's on your heart and mind.

My post today is about weight loss and how I am done with whining about it...LOL!

Regarding family, Sister all you can do is be the best YOU possible. Love them and pray for them.

Enjoy the work week!

sacredly breathing said...

Angie, your best is good enough. Helping is all you can do. They have to want the help. They have to want to change.

4. Nothing cleanses the body and refreshes the spirit like water.

5. Although we all have to go some day, we can share words of encouragement, our time and a little laughter to add comfort to each others journey. I ask the lord to strengthen me when I am going into the unknown. When you pray to the lord you have an army of holy ghosts around you.

7. Find a time and place where you can sit comfortably and allow any thoughts that arise to come and go without holding on to them or pushing them away. Focus on joy, compassion and loving kindness. Letting go of thoughts has a way of allowing the mind and body to rest and rejuvenate.

Angie-Nuvision said...

Hey Babz!!! It's always good to see you over here at Nuvision. I always enjoy y our kind words and encouragement. Please come back.

And yes, you and I will get this weight off of us this year. And we're doing it for ourselves. Okay? Okay.

Love ya!
Angie Braden

Angie-Nuvision said...

SB: You're so encouraging. I appreciate how you touch me with kindness and light. Thanks!

Question: How did you find my blog?

Peace to you.
Angie Braden

sacredly breathing said...

AB: I was looking for positive Afro-centric blogs when i spotted an interesting title called Nuvision-for a NuDay and so I clicked. I read your short introductory biography and was moved by your inner will to keep going and be the best that you can be.

sacredly breathing said...

AB: I love how you care for the children and provide answers to their curious minds.

They will remember you as you all grow. Don't underestimate the power you have to positively affect their lives.

If you can happily live your life and achieve the goals you set, then your nieces and nephews can achieve theirs.

The next generation is where it's at. Their like sculptor's clay that has yet to be molded.

AB: I know blogging must be a lot of work. Especially when you have work and other things needed to be done. I think i have some things and would like to start blogging. I like writing and would like to add my thoughts and wisdom to folks in the blogasphere. I would like to no how to get started. You can email me at