Thursday, October 11, 2012

Blindness Plus... I don't think so!

As I mentioned in the blog post I wrote the other day, I am having some problems with my right shoulder and arm. The docs believe I have a issue with one of my discs in my neck that's causing pain to radiate from my shoulder down through my arms and finally in my fingers.

Some days the pain is not so bad. I actually forget about it. But I guess when the pain wants a little of my attention, it starts jumping up and down on that disc in my neck. The pain cannot be ignored, despite my best efforts to not let it get the best of me. Most nights, I cannot sleep well. And most days, especially when I'm using my arm, I feel the soarness and sharp pain traveling down my arm. Even when I type, the pain starts working on me. I have to take breaks after about fifteen minutes of typing, just to give my arm some relief. Of course, this is not good for a woman that teaches on a college level and takes graduate level courses. So far, I'm not falling behind with my work on my job. However, my graduate school work has taken a hit. I hope I can recover before the end of the semester.

The other day, I had a nerve conduction test to see if there's some issues with the nerves in my arm. I suspect that I will have a MRI some time next week. I start physical therapy in a few days. Hopefully, the docs and physical therapists will help me resolve this issue quick, fast, and in a a hurry. The last thing that this chica needs in her life is an additional disability. No can do! Blindness is inconvenient enough. So, not having good use of my arm would only make my life more physically challenging. I don't want any part of that.

So, if you believe in prayer, ask God to connect whatever that's disconnected, mend whatever is broken, and correct whatever that is wrong. Thanks a bunch!

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