Monday, March 25, 2013

A Little Bit More Randomness from Yours Truly

Hello Readers!
Every now and then, I post some of my "random thoughts. Well, here's the latest edition of my random thoughts about very specific things."

1. I love, love, love the ABC hit show, Scandal!!!!!!!! I can't say that I've been this excited about watching television in a long time. I think that the show is awesome. It's full of smart drama, which keeps my brain happy. It's fast pace, which is very accommodating to my undiagnosed ADD. And it's dialogue heavy. The more wordy a show is, the more I can follow it. Action packed shows and movies are fine, but it's often too visual. So, that doesn't make for good television or movie watching for me.
I hear that certain networks are offering visual descriptions for a few hours of programming per week. I need to look into that. I think that may be cool!

2. I also love to watch murder mystery and/or true crime shows, like Snapped, 48 Hours, and Cold Case Files. My friend says that I'm a weirdo. He thinks I'm too caught up on shows and books that glorify murder. I think that I'm just a sucker for a good story. And the one thing I love about those shows is the narration. I don't have to wonder what's happening on the screen. The narrator tells the whole story, often describing the crime scene and even what the people looked like. I guess this is why I like to watch most documentaries. That reminds me... Other than my true crime shows, I haven't seen a good documentary lately. I need to go to Netflix and find one to watch. Any suggestions?

3. Trying to find a bedspread or any home decor, for that matter, is quite difficult when you can't see. I simply don't know what I like anymore. Well, I do know that I like nice stuff. I like items that are well made and beautiful. But what's beautiful to a blind person. Perhaps what others tell me is beautiful? But wait a minute... What's beautiful to one person is not beautiful to another. So, who do I believe? Now, do you understand why it's so hard for me to pick out a new comforter and pictures for my room?

4. Last week, I traveled inside one of the buildings at TSU with my cane. It was fun to be back in the saddle again. I don't get to use my cane that often these days. Working from home keeps me in the house most of the time. So, cane travel is not something I get a chance to do that often. I need to start getting out more. I don't want to lose my good cane skills or the little traveling confidence I have.

5. Last week, my aunt, who stays mad at me, told me that I was blind, stupid, and cursed." Well, she was right about one of those three things. So glad I don't believe everything people say to me or about me. Otherwise, I would be blind, stupid, and cursed for real!

Well, that's it for now.

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Peace and light,
Angela Braden


Anonymous said...

Hi Angela,
#2 is me! It started with Law and Order SVU, then I was hooked on all of those shows that feature true crime. City Confidential was great to listen to when I recovered from surgeries. Not sure if that is on anymore.

I recommend checking out InstantWatcher to find decent Netflix streaming choices. Bones Brigade (about skateboarding) was the last doc I saw. HTH.

Angela L. Braden, Writer, Speaker, Professor said...

Thanks for the recommendation!