Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Touched by a Reader of NuVision for a NuDay

"My name is Gabriel Campero and I'm a reader from Venezuela.
I visit your blog from time to time, and I always appreciate the courage and sincerity with which you share your life and thoughts.
Your posts have been moving and uplifting. In the highest sense of those words.
Please keep up posting, even if it is sporadic. You have a gift: the ability to touch others through your words.
I remember having read that you were working on your memoirs. I wish you much success in that project. I'm sure they will be a fantastic reading experience, which will be able to influence people.
Today I want to thank you for your words on this blog. At least in one opportunity, they have reached across the ocean, across the darkness, and given strength and optimism to a fellow human-being, in very different life conditions. I beg you, don't close the door for that possibility."

Thank you, Gabriel!!!!!!! You've inspired me to keep writing! Thanks for adding to my strength and optimism as it pertains to this task of sharing my voice on the web!
All the best to you!
Angela L. Braden

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Gabriel said...

Hello once more. I'm very glad that you've kept posting. Your recent post about Dr. Gross is very good. I also enjoyed reading about your decision to keep on working on your Memoirs. I wish you the best in that adventure, and hope you do become a Published Author. I cannot wish you anything but the best.

And thank you for posting about my comment. I'm honored.

Gabriel Campero from Venezuela (but currently, for some time, in Germany).