Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Not the Average Girlfriend

It's one thing for a man to bring home a girl of a different race, an overweight girl, an unattractive girl, a girl with a bad attitude, a broke girl, or a spoiled girl. But when a man brings home a disabled girl, everybody is shocked and curious to why a good looking, smart, successful man would bring home a woman with a physical disability.

It's just not cool to have a girl that is disabled. How do you brag to your boys about that? How do you praise a handicapped girl to an overly protective mama?

Well, it can be done. It just takes a strong man. It requires that a man is selfless, open to differences, and reluctant to worry about what others may think of him and his choices for a lover.

Earlier this year, I had a brief romantic encounter with someone. He told his brothers and best friend about me. Well, two out of three of the people he disclosed to about "us" scolded him for messing around with a blind woman.

I'm not going to lie. I was a bit hurt and disappointed that these men got stuck on my blindness. It didn't matter that I have a nice job, a strong educational background, great personality, or even good looking. All that mattered to those men were these blind eyes of mine.

It's sad that some people cannot see me for me. Who's really the blind one in this equation?

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Anonymous said...

It sucks but there is usually no way around it. Most people have so little experience with disabled people that when they first hear about it, that's all they can think about. Most of the time, friends of an able bodied person with a disabled partner may express doubts at first, but after meeting the disabled person and realizing he/she is perfectly "normal" and not what their mental image of a disabled person is, they'll come around to understanding and being okay with it. They'll understand that both people are very happy and will support their friend, at least thats how it should be.