Tuesday, October 01, 2013

I'm taking the "Ultimate "blog Challenge" this month! Join me!!!

I'm always up for a challenge. So, when I heard about the chance to join a community of bloggers in their quest to post a blog entry every single day in the month of October, I quickly signed my name on the dotted line. I'm not going to pretend like this is going to be easy. Even at the height of my blogging, I never posted an entry more than three times a week. So, this challenge is a "real" challenge for me. But hey... I'm up for it.

Of course, I'll be writing about my many unique experiences as a blind woman. So, be on the lookout for my 31 posts. And no, this particular post is not going to be counted as today's post. I'm going to post the first post for the month later today.

I hope you have a fantastic day!!!!!!! And thank you for taking this blogging journey with me as I share my life and thoughts on NuVision for a NuDay.

Be well.

Angela L. Braden
Award Winning Blogger

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