Saturday, May 10, 2014

Things My Mama Taught Me (Mother's Day 2014)

* To love and honor God.
* Never leave the house without earrings on.
* To greet people when I enter a room.
* To happily give up my seat to anyone that was older than me.
* Sit with my legs closed.
* That a woman's inner beauty was more important than what you could see on the outside.
* Keep your body and clothes clean.
* Don't let any man treat me less than what I'm worth.
* To problem solve.
* To get along with others, even when I didn't like them.
* To give to those in need.
* To be patient with others.
* To value education and information.
* To manage through difficult times.
* To stand up for myself and those that could not stand up for themselves.
* To love nature.
* To sing, laugh, and dance with heart.
* to express myself through creative channels.
* That nothing was wrong with being different from the crowd.
* How to clean any kitchen or bathroom, with or without sight.
* That offering someone a smile can make their day.
* How to think critically and solve problems that seems impossible to others.
* The love of music.
* How and why I should never think less of myself because I didn't have a man.
* How to be kind and compassionate to others.
* To play hard and work harder.
* To stand up for what I believed.
* That being a woman didn't mean that I was less than a man. I was just different than a man.
* To read, read, read, read, read!
* To trust my inner voice.
* To be kind to everyone and everything. She didn't even want me to hurt animals, insects, or plants. LOL
* To keep my nails clean.
* How to tell a good story and keep folks' attention while telling it.
* The beauty in making others laugh.
* How sometimes proving that you're right about something is less important than just keeping the peace.
* To be a peacemaker.
* To look at the big picture.
* To pay attention to details.
* Never ever steal.
* To not curse. (That's a habit I picked up without Mama.)
* The importance of prayer.

Written By Angela L. Braden

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The First Domino דומינו said...

How fortunate you were to have a mother who understood life, and passed that understanding on to you, her daughter.

I wish that I could have known her, but then I can see a great deal of her in you.