Sunday, April 27, 2008


In general, I hate bugs. In fact, bugs are one of the few images that I don't miss seeing. I know that God created them. And I figure that they must have some kind of purpose. But really, what's the purpose of a roach, a wasp, a scorpion, a moth, or a silverfish? And that's only mentioning a few of those annoying creatures...

When I get to heaven--And when I get there I'm sure I won't care... But if I remember, I'm going to be sure to ask God what was up with sprinkling our planet with so many bugs/insects/tiny creatures.

The only insect that I miss seeing is an ant. And that's only because I admire their dilligence and strengtth. I got a chance to see one ant carry a bedcrumb 10 times its size, and I knew then that an ant was a bad mamma-jamma. Plus, my experience with ants as a little girl,
taught me a very valuable lesson.

Although I don't really like bugs, I'm like this... If they don't bother me, crawl their way into my space, fly within my zone, bite me, or invade my home, I'm cool with them. As long as they are over there, and I mean waaaaay over there, I guess I don't mind them sharing the planet with me.

But here's why bugs freak me out so bad now that I'm blind. It's because I cannot see to identify if they are within my space. You know, I can't see if a spider is walking by my foot. I can't see that a wasp is flying straight at me. I cannot see that a ant has decided to mistake my foot as dinner, until I am a victim of his mighty jaws.

If I could see, I could at least kill or run from them. I don't care how it's done, I don't like bugs in my space. So, if that means that I have to exterminate them with spray or my foot, that's cool. And if I have to use my feet to run from them, that's also cool. But not knowing that they are there does not afford me with the skill that is needed to kill them, or the knowledge that is needed to realize that I need to break out in a dash when these bugs have slivered in my direction.

What inspired this post? Well, like I said when I started this post, I really, really dislike bugs. But aside from that... Today, I was standing outside in my yard talking to my daddy. Some kind of flying bug was flapping his wings all around my head, flying with great speed past my uncovered face.

I was freaked out. I would swing my head, trying to shoo it away. But when my hair would slap me in the face, I would get creeped out, thinking it was the bug brushing against my cheek.

I tried to move in another direction to get the heck out of the bug's flying zone. But my sister alerted me that I walked over to where the bug had flown.

What kind of mess is that?

Here I am trying to get away from the bug. But I was too blind to know which way to go.

**Rolling of the eyes**

Anhd I want you to know that I really did just roll my eyes as I am writing this.
Yes, these blind eyes of mine still have attitude and girlish expression. But that another topic, another post, another rant.

Well, I guess I will sign off now. Y'all have a blessed week. May God be your teacher, your friend, and your provider. May He be mine as well.

Much love and peace,

Miss Angela


Charizard said... first!...hmmn I think ma granma would call you a fraidy care dearie!

MackDiva said...

I second your emotion! I hate bugs, too, and I can see 'em coming! I just don't like 'em. Period.