Saturday, June 07, 2008

More Questions and Answers

A couple more questions have hit my in box in the last week. Here are the questions and answers.
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I'll be taking questions until July 12th, my birthday.

Nancy in Austin asked me, "How long did it take you to learn braille?"
It probably took me four months to learn both grade one and grade two braille. It took me a couple more months to learn the braille code that is used for math.
Grade 1 braille is words written out in long form. For instance, when you write the word "can", you would use all letters to write the word "can". But in Grade 2 braille you would have the option of contracting certain words. For example, the word "can" in Grade 2 braille would be spelled with just a "c". Basically, it's like shorthand or abbreviated versions of words.
Grade 2 braille is the bomb!
Here's a question that I will throw in as a bonus...
Can you read braille pretty well? My accuracy is on point. But my speed is terrible. It takes me so long to read one sentence. In fact, I avoid braille when I can because of that reason.
Supposedly, if I read braille more often, my reading speed would increase. Probably so... But it seems like my fingers go numb after reading for 15 minutes. Perhaps it's all psychological... I don't know...
Even though I can't read braille fast, I can write it like a pro. When it comes to typing braille, these fingers can move. In fact, I can type print like a olympic typist. That's one of my talents. **smile** Even with long nails, these fingers can move like fire.

Devia in Dallas asked, "Do you have some kind of machine to read print to you?"
I do not have a stand alone machine that reads print. But I do have a standard scanner that works with special software that will allow a scanned copy of print to be translated into speech. I happen to own both of the leading software packages that allows blind individuals to read print with a scanner. I also use this software at my job.
If I had this software when I was in undergrad, I probably would've graduated with a 4.0 GPA. Oh well... At least it's out now.

Okay... That's it. Remember, if you have any questions that you want to ask me, shoot them to the comment section or e-mail me at
Don't be scared to ask your questions. I'm here to answer what you want to know.




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