Saturday, June 07, 2008

Random Reflections

1. I'm so thankful for good psychological health.
Yesterday, I went with my aunt to her psychiatric appointment. We had to wait two hours to see the doc. As we were sitting there, I observed the other people that were waiting in the waiting area to see the psychiatrist.
After only a few minutes, I could tell that half of the people that were waiting to see the psychiatrist had some kind of psychological issue. But the other half... Well, it wasn't so clear.
But what was obvious to me is how mental and emotional impairments are truly an invisible condition. And yes, while it may be invisible, the effects of the impairment are usually crystal clear to the family members of the one with the psychological impairment.
It's so sad how mental illness destroys some people lives. It's so sad how mental illness has majorly impacted so many members of my very own family's lives.
While listening in on some of the conversations that were going on around me in that waiting room, I began to be thankful for my mind. I listened to a 15-year-old young man tell someone how excited he is that he knows his time tables. He went on to tell the man that although he is good with his time tables, he's not good in "genomotry". And that's exactly how he said it.
I sat there and thanked God for my good mind. Yeah, I can't see. But I can think clearly. I can learn. I can solve my problems. I can create. I can manage my own affairs.

2. I now understand why certain people pack up all of their stuff and move to the other side of the country to get away from their family.
That's all I'm going to say about that right now. More later...
Certain family members are getting on my nerves so bad that I can't even write about it right now... **smile**

3. Sometimes, even I forget that I can't see.
Yesterday, my friend, Chad, was painting the inside of his house. I called him to see how it was going. Well, he bragged about what a good job he and his buddies were doing.
After I hung up the phone, I started to tell my daddy to go over to Chad's house so that "we" could "see" how the paint looked. Then, as suddenly as the desire popped into my head, I remembered that I could not see anything at all. Yeah, I could go over to Chad's house, but I wouldn't see any paint. So, I decided to not even mention to my dad that I wanted to go by Chad's house. What was the point?

4. I'm going to Chicago at the end of the month to hook up with Miko and some of her friends. I'm looking forward to the trip. I need the time away. I can't really afford it, but my emotions cannot afford not getting some kind of break.

5. I'm so glad that the primary election has FINALLY ENDED. Praise God!!!
And I'm even more glad that my candidate, Senator Obama won the nomination of the DNC.
I'm so excited!!! And I'm so thankful that I am getting the chance to witness this myself. I don't have to read about it, or imagine it happening one day. It's happening now. And I'm apart of it. **huge grin**

5. I can't say it enough... I love Gabby, Jasmine, and Joseph. They are light and love. I praise God that He has been so kind to me by sharing them with me.
So often, I get a little frustrated and sad. But when I think of the kids, I get a little boost, a little bit more enthusiasm about staying the course and fighting this battle out. They, each one of them, in their own little special way, are my inspirations.

6. Gas in Houston is $3.83. They claim that gas will be $4.05 by the 4th of July.
No comment... Just a big frown...

7. I am so tired of Noggin being on my television day and night. Jasmine is a huge Noggin fan. and because Jasmine basically lives here, Noggin does to.
She better be glad that I happen to like her. **wink**

8. I fell down the stairs today.
Earlier this morning, I was coming down the stairs at the speed that I usually walk down them, and my foot slipped off the step. Well, I went down fast and hard. My big toe got bent up pretty bad.
Honestly, I think that it might be broke. It's swelling up pretty bad. I'm going to go to the hospital later this evening. I'll update y'all as I know something.

9. Cell phone, cable, and internet bills get on my nerves.
Honestly, I understand and realize that we have to pay for electricity, water, and gas service. And I even understand that we need to pay for cable, cell phone, and internet access. But why so much? I'm so tired of communication and entertainment outlets taking so much of my money. It's sickening!

10. I'm looking for another job.
I want to teach in the college setting. So, pray that I get that opportunity this academic year. Teaching during the presidential election would be fantastic!

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Miko said...

I am so glad you finally decided to update us on what's going on with you. I know it's hard right now, but we miss you.