Saturday, November 08, 2008

First Lady Michelle Obama (Ooh, it felt good to type that!)

Earlier today, I was talking to a couple of friends about the Obama Victory. We talked about how great it was that President-Elect Obama was able to defy the odds, and go on to be elected President of the United States.

We also talked about how great it is that we not only have our first African American president; but also how we have our first African American first lady. Michelle is a shining example to the world that African American women can be smart, kind, supportive, charming, strong, confident, gentle, loving, and responsible. You talking about a Proverbs 31 Woman... This sistah is bad!

I'm so glad that Michelle Obama is going to serve as our first lady. But I'm also glad that she will be a positive image of an African American woman to not only Americans, but the entire world.

Thanks to various agents of socialization, primarily hip hop, the world sees black women as hoochies, video hos, big booty pole dancers, and gold-diggers. In fact, it is quite common for hip hop artist to refer to the women they are in contact with (black women) as bitches.

And other agents of socialization, such as television and news, try to paint Black women as being angry, loud, mouthy, and aggressive. They even tried to do this to Michelle. But the sistah gracefully declined their offer to paint her with a broad brush. She handled herself with class and sophistication, even when they were coming against her hard. And I'm sure that they will continue to challenge her gracefulness. But I am confident that Michelle will gracefully and tenaciously show them that a Black woman is able to balance the lion and the lamb.

I'm also glad that First Lady Obama will be able to be a positive role model to not only her daughters, but also to little African American girls and teenagers. They will know that they too can achieve their wildest dreams by working hard, by staying committed, and by insisting on the best options for their lives.

And finally, I'm hoping that Michelle Obama's presence in the White House with her man, Barack Obama, will show the world that black love still exists; that black women are capable of being wives, not just baby-mamas; that a successful black man can find a black woman endearing; and that a black family can be in tact.

Thank you God for sending us one of the baddest sistahs around. May God richly bless, empower, protect, enlighten, and prosper First Lady Michelle Obama, one of my newest role models.

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Hello there!

Michelle Obama is in the news for going to her daughter's parent-teacher conference on Friday in sweats, tennis shoes and a baseball cap and her hair in a ponytail.... now I am SURE that she is trying to make a statement that she's just "ordinary, down-to-earth" Michelle but really, she needs to realize that she represents THIS NATION before the world.

I am sure she will think about the fact that she may WANT TO BE regular Michelle as First Lady but this role that represents the superpower of the world will require that she reflect a polished image at all times.

I'm not saying she has to go to her daughter's school in a tiara and a ball gown however... *LOL*

MackDiva said...

Even though it's important for Michelle to remember that she represents our country at all times, I think part of the reason we all love her so much is her realness. And I don't want her to change EVERYTHING just to stay out of the news. Let's be real -- she really could've worn that tiara and they [the media] STILL would've had something to say.

Besides, as Barack said yesterday, there's only one president, which means that Michelle isn’t the First Lady until January 20th. Since she'll have at least four -- possibly eight -- years to get this thing right, let's let her have this one indiscretion.

Angie-Nuvision said...

Yeah, I think it's very important that Michelle realizes that she's in the spotlight at all times. However, we've got to remember that she's human. The sistah is probably tired as all get out. Just think about it... She's just now getting a chance to rest a little bit. And let me tell you, when I'm tired, I look like it.

However, I will also say this: Michelle needs to invest in some casual clothes that still come off as classy. The rich girls know what I'm talking about. Mackdiva, you know what I'm talking about too. Even when you are dressing down, Mackdiva, you are dressed up. **smile**

Peace y'all. And Lisa come back.