Saturday, June 27, 2009

A Visual Memory that I'll Cherish for Life: Michael Jackson!

Thursday afternoon, I walked into the gameroom to talk to my mom for a second. While I was standing there, news of Michael Jackson being rushed to the hospital by ambulance broke. I immediately sat down to learn more about what was going on with my favorite childhood superstar. Three hours later, we found out that Michael Jackson was dead. My heart sank.

No, I didn't personally know Michael Jackson. But his music, his ability to capture the world's attention, and his commitment to artistic excellence struck me and had indelible impact on how I saw myself and the world we live in.

Michael was not just a celebrity, he was a legend. He was not just a dancer, he was revolutionary. Michael was not just a singer, he was a phenomena.

And I’m so glad that I got a chance to SEE him myself. I don’t think that anyone could have effectively described how Michael moved when he danced, how amazing the music videos were, and how people all over the world reacted when they witnessed his musical charisma.

I remember the album covers of Off the Wall and Thriller so vividly. It’s almost like I can still see them now. Michael was absolutely gorgeous to me!!! Beautiful skin, hair, eyes, and smile...

As incredible as it may sound, I also truly remember the many dance moves that Michael did in the Thriller, Beat It, and Billie Jean videos. That’s how captivated I was with him and his ability to express himself artistically.

And even though I got a chance to see Michael live in concert at the Astrodome when he did the Victory Tour, the performance I will never-ever forget was the Motown 25 television special. When I saw Michael, I was in a trance. He was so beautiful! And when he started moving… Oh my goodness!!! There are no words to describe how time froze for those few minutes. I’ll never forget! The glove… The hat… And that dance move that blew the world away!

Honestly, I don’t feel sad for Michael. His life was full of glorious opportunities that he was able to take full advantage of. In addition, Michael selfishly shared his gift with all of us. He absolutely made the best of the 50 years that were granted to him.

My friend, Randy, wrote a song about how there are so many treasures that are buried in the graveyard, simply because people were too afraid, too faithless, too selfish to transform their dreams to reality when they were alive. I beg you to not let that be you. Don’t let them bury your gifts and talents in the casket with your lifeless body. Give life to the gifts that God has stored in you from birth!

Yes, we die. But our gifts to the world can live forever. Michael is dead. But his gift to the world will live for decades, and perhaps centuries.

May Michael Joseph Jackson rest in sweet peace; and may his gift to the world live forever.

Angela Braden
Lifetime Fan


Becky said...

Thanks for sharing - I have been listening to his music and enjoying. said...

Hey there Angela!

I haven't seen you around my neighborhood in a long time so I thought I'd stop by!

You are right about Michael... he shared his phenomenal gift with all of us sooo generously...and he shared his wealth with the world.

I think that part of the media scorn of him had to do with the fact that he didn't fit into the tiny box of black manhood that they wanted all black men to stay in... Michael was sensitive, and androgynous and THAT was threatening... even before they decided to focus in on his friendships with children.

Oprah can sit on the couch holding the hand of an African little girl and no one flinches but when Michael was on television holding the hand of a little boy while being interviewed, SUDDENLY suspicions are hurled in his face..."what are YOU doing with that boy?!!"

Black men aren't allowed to be nurturing or caring or loving with young children.

That question wasn't asked of Oprah when she was holding hands publicly with young girls and hugging them... we fail to notice that double-standard.