Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Can't a girl get some help?

There are many occasions that I visit family members at the hospital without anyone else being with me. For example... When my parents or sisters are in the hospital, I'll pack up my things, get someone to drop me off at the hospital, and hang out with my family member all day or all night.
Here's my problem with that though... Whenever I get hungry, I'm stuck out. Most hospitals won't bring food to the room for the patient's guest. So, when I want and need something to eat, I just have to wait until someone else comes up to visit the patient. Then, at that point, I can get some help to get something to eat.
I know you're probably wondering why don't I ask someone that works at the hospital to assist me. Well, I've tried that. They won't do it. Since I'm not a patient, they don't have me anywhere on their list of priorities. And I've yet to check how this whole issue relates to the public accommodations provisions listed in the Americans with Disabilities Act.
Today, I'm headed to the hospital to sit with my sister. So, I'm planning in advance this time around. I'm packing up a lunch to take with me. There's no point in me being at the hospital blind, hungry, and ticked off.
Have a wonderful day, good people!

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