Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Does smart technology cause us to choose to not be so smart? Hmm...

I just wanted to share a pretty interesting story that NPR posted, regarding the impact that technology advancements has made on individuals that are blind and their willingness and commitment to read Braille.
I can certainly attest that I very seldom use Braille. However, I'm so glad that I actually know how to read and write it. Braille certainly comes in handy from time to time. So, yes... I think that every blind person needs to know how to read and write Braille! No matter how smart the technology is around me, I still want to make smart choices and engage in smart behavior!


brittany branch said...

thats true im 21 years old african american female and i am visually impaired (blind in left eye completely) and 20/400 in my right eye and i taught myself to read braille and i use NDVA which is a screen reader. i usually use it at night or when i lose my glasses around the house or have to wear headphone. my ears are too small to wear both...anyways who knows what can happen to technology. here today gone tomorrow... than what

brittany branch said...

oh oh i was reading one of your older posts about you using JAWS (if you still use it) the NVDA screen reader i was talking about works just as good if not better but its free. and i know this because i looked up JAWS first and thought it was tooooooo high lol so i searched around and found it. if you try it hope you like it and if not. im happy to spread the technology bread ~wink~


and i love your blog cant wait for the next entry.