Friday, February 10, 2012

I've Decided

If you've read this blog in the recent weeks, then you're probably aware that I was seriously tossing around the idea of becoming a teacher for the visually impaired. Well, I've decided against the idea. And here's why...

To begin with, I will soon graduate with my masters in counseling. I need to invest as much of my energy into successfully finishing that program. Once I finish that program, I will likely start working in some capacity as a counselor or life coach. I even hope to work at a college or university as a director of disability services or intercultural initiatives.
Now, tell me... How would teaching factor into that schedule? Hmm... I'm thinking not at all.

Secondly, my larger and most ideal goal is to be a highly sought after professional speaker and well paid author. So, I need to do everything I can to make that happen. I'm in the process of writing my memoir, and i'm going to aggressively start promoting my speaker services this spring. If that kicks off like I would like it to, I'll be thrilled beyond belief.

So, I'm closing the door on the idea to become a teacher for the visually impaired. And I'm more than confident that my decision to walk away from that idea is the right thing to do.

Be well!


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