Thursday, May 24, 2007

Me and my White Cane

I'm not a vain sister, but I do think that a sister must make every attempt to be her cutest at all times. Sometimes, money gets in the way from being as glamorous as you can be. But nothing but poor laziness, a lack of effort, limited creativity, and/or fractured confidence gets in the way of taking the time and energy to take the necessary steps to mix up a batch of cute and apply it in your life.

After I quit my job, I couldn't afford to go to the beauty shop as much. So, my cute, sassy haircut turned into long hair, simply because I couldn't afford to go to the beauty shop every other week to keep up the cut. I started perming my own hair and applying the color to hide my militant gray strands.

I couldn't maintain my shopping habit. So, I started shopping at Marshall's, Ross, and any other department store that stocks nice clothes and shoes at a bargain price. I search through the clearance and sales racks at Dillards, Macys, Banana Republic, and Anne Taylor. Do I have a lot of clothes in my closet. Nope, but what I do have is nice. My few little items get the job done when I need to go some where of importance.

Once I became unemployed, I couldn't go to the nail shop anymore either. So, I bought all the pedicure products and started exfoliating and scrubbing my own feet every week.

I started letting my sister arch my eye brows with a razor, rather than going to the salon to get them waxed.

Am I cute all the time? No... But I try my best to represent the woman that lives on the inside of this shell. If I say I represent excellence, then I need to at least look like I got some sense on the outside. JMO

Well, the one accessory that I always think cramps my style is my cane. No matter how fly I look, ain't nothing cute about a white cane. It just don’t make any good fashion statement. In fact, I think that no matter how sexy I try to look, my cane just knocks the idea of sexy right out the box.

I imagine that when people look at me, they notice that I'm a good looking gal. But the idea of how cute I am gets drowned in the "Oh, she's blind." sea of curiosity and pity.

Well, with all that being said, I think that my cane helps me look much better than I would look if I was walking around, falling off of curbs and bumping into everything, just because I didn't want to have a cane for vanity sake. My cane, which is definitely not a token of high fashion, helps me look my very best. It helps me look independent and in charge of my own destiny.

So, if my cane has to be apart of my wardrobe and accessories, then so be it. Remember, looking my best is in my best interest. And since I’m blind and there’s no earthly way around the blindness, I got to have the cane. So, the cane is also in my best interest.

Disclaimer: I don't carry my cane when I'm with my family and friends. I usually walk sighted guide. But when I'm alone, I have my cane.

That disclaimer is for all the smarty pants that are sure to point out that I don't always have my cane.

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