Monday, May 28, 2007

Random Thoughts about very Specific Issues

I'm annoyed beyond reproach when I am forced to deal with grown people that insist on acting like children. I don't understand that behavior. Yes, I know that being grown really isn't cracked up to be what you hoped it to be. But it is what it is. And there is no escaping it. Well, at least, that's how I see it. But there are others, that will go unnamed, that think that it is okay to dodge the bullet of adult life. That's insanity... I really do think it is a form of mental illness.

I love watching documentaries. I guess because I am an information buff. A lot of people think I'm smart because I know about a little bit of everything. But it's just because I like to be in the know... I like to be schooled on things that I know nothing about.

Do I agree with people going to swing parties? No... But the other day I spent a little time reading about it on somebody's blog. I guess I might be a tad bit nosy... Shhhh.... Don't tell anyone. Or maybe it's because I just like to know a little bit of everything.

Well, my mother is downstairs watching those prison documentaries that come on MSNBC all the time. And although I find those documentaries fascinating, they are very painful to watch. I hate seeing those people locked up. I wish so badly that they would have made better decisions.

There's another reason why I hate watching those prison documentaries. But I can't talk about it on this blog. Those that know me and know me well know why I hate watching the prison documentaries. And if you don't know... Oh well... Don't waste brain cells trying to figure it out...

I hate when healthy people complain about how ridiculous there life is. I think it so ridiculous for someone that has all of their health and strength to complain about how terrible life is to a blind woman. I always wonder if for one moment they think about how life is for me. I'm sure they don't.

I'm realizing more and more that I can't continue to carry dead weight around. It's time for me to rid my self of all the emotional, financial, spiritual, and physical dead weight that prevents me from propelling to heights that God has called me to soar in. I can't go on any further with all of this concrete latched on to my feet. It has to go.

I gained 4 pounds... More dead weight... I'm back on my mission to shake the weight. I need to lose that and about 15 more. Can I do it by the beginning of fall? Yes, I can.

I hate when preachers feel led to pray for me and the only thing they pray for is for me to get my sight back. They act as if I don't have any other need in the world. I am more than my blindness. My blindness is not my only problem. I appreciate their prayers... I just wish they would understand that I'm a human that have real problems like everybody else.

Well, those were my rambled thoughts. But don't kid yourself into thinking that I wasn't addressing some very specific issues that I'm facing this very moment.

Well, God bless whoever is reading this... And God bless me... I certainly need it.



Mizrepresent said...

Wow, i loved your random thoughts. It was my first time visiting, but i will be back again, and will bookmark you....thanks your words surely blessed me!

The Thinking Black Man said...

Hey Angie!

Very nice post.

Talking about preachers praying for your blindness made me think of a friend of mine that I haven't seen in a while. He's a great guy, smart, witty and a really good dad to his daughter - and he's deaf. I put those other descriptives out first, because I absolutely HATE to hear people mention my friend and say, "Yeah, the deaf guy on the first floor." I try to interject the fact that he is so much more than his deafness. I know they usually don't mean any harm, but I hate to see such a smart guy reduced to what folks see as one characteristic.

His deafness doesn't deine him. Just as I'm sure you're blindness doesn't define you. Your writing shows that to all of us.

Really nice blog you have here!

Nuvision for a Nuday said...

Thanks for visiting my little ol' blog. And thanks for your comments. Come back and see me again.

CongoBrava said...

I think your comment about being more than your blindness really rings true. More of us need to realize a person is far more than what we can surmise from a snap judgement.

God bless you too. :)