Wednesday, May 16, 2007

My Commitment to Blogging

One of my best friends told me that she just can't get into blogging. She said that it's something about her personal thoughts and experiences being broadcasted on the World Wide Web that rubs her the wrong way. She says that she much rather choose and select who she shares her opinions and narratives with. She describes the internet as being a place that has no barriers. She hates the idea that she can't control who reads her words and when they do.

It's something about those very ideas that kind of freaks me out as well. Sometimes, I think about shutting this whole operation down. There are other times that I regret making a comment on other blogs that I frequent. Likewise, there are even a couple of occasions that I envy bloggers who started this journey of blogging anonymously. Although I mostly think that anonymous posters hide behind their anonminity to make statements that they would otherwise never have the courage to make with their own identity, I realize that it's something empowering and liberating about maintaining anonimity. You never have to worry about your words coming back to haunt you.

Tonight, after thinking about this for a few hours, I actually think that blogging is good for me. It may not be something that I do always. But for now, it works. It gives me a chance to vent, release, and converse with others.

Plus, my personal blog gives me the opportunity to share with others what I experience as a blind woman. I realize that most people have never even had one conversation with someone that's blind. This blog gives me the opportunity to shed light on a world that most sighted individuals are blind to ever having the opportunity to see.

So, I continue so that I can be a light in a dark place. As long as I feel that check in my spirit, I will continue to shine a spotlight in the world of a woman whose lights have been unplugged indefinitely, with the hope that someone will be more inclined to understand the world of a blind person. Maybe my blog will decrease discrimination, increase respect, and shatter stereotypes. (I hope I'm not just a dreamer.)

Side note: It's a pleasure to me when I see that other bloggers have linked my blog on their site. That's encouraging. I feel like my story is being heard/read.

Well, this was another sleepless night for me. I've been up doing some cleaning and washing. OMG It's 6:05 A.M. I haven't been sleep yet. Don't think I'll go until the afternoon... Oh well...

Some time today, I'm going to continue telling my story of what led me to be enrolled at the Texas School for The Blind. It's a tough story... But I have to get it out. So, look for "My Story, Part II."

Talk to God, He's listening.

Lover of God and His people,


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