Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Don't give up on me just yet.

I'm not a faithful blogger like some of my fellow bloggers, who find the time to post on their blog and other blogs every single day. But I try to at least post an entry once a week. But the last few months, one would not be able to tell that I like to post that much at all.

I've had so many distractions that have made it difficult for me to keep up with Nuvision for a Nuday. But I don't want those who take out time from their lives to visit my blog to drop by and find nothing interesting, nothing from the heart. And unfortunately, that's what's been happening. But, today, I make a promise that I will start blogging more.

So check me out as the days roll by. You will find a lot more content on my blog. I can't promise an entry everyday or even every other day. But I will post an entry once a week.

Because I'm a bit under the weather, I don't have enough energy to push something out today. But tomorrow, I'll hit you guys back up.

Off topic: I'm so excited about Senator Obama. For the record, a few months ago, Nuvision for a Nuday, which is me, endorsed the brother, putting my full support behind him. Back then, it was a total gamble. Even I, having made my official endorsement, didn't totally believe that the brotha could actually be president. But today, I'm excited that Nuvision's candidate may actually be called President in November. I'm so ready to leave my job and get home to watch the numbers roll in tonight.

Well, have a good one. And I'll meet you here tomorrow.


Angie Braden
Obama Supporter


Renea said...

You know I'll never give up on you, Angie. Take your time. Get some rest. Your creativity and wonderful words will flow again. By the way, I'm supporting Obama as well. I've donated to his campaign and I've challenged my friends to donate. I even did a match challenge for $25 and got a quick response from someone who stepped and gave for the first time. Yes we can! ~Renea

Angie said...

Hey Renea! Girl, I'm so glad that you come by here and leave comments. I'm honored!n n

Yes, I am so excited about Senator Obama. You see that our cities' newspapers endorsed Obama. Girl, I guess that Ft. Worth and Houston is more progressive than I thought. I'm so proud!

I'm going to an Obama rally on Tuesday. As soon as I get back home, I will write a post about my experience.

Well, I'll be in touch with you real soon. You take care of yourself.