Thursday, February 14, 2008

Recommended Blog

Well, anyone that reads my blog knows that at one time, I had every intention on recommending a blog that I like to read pretty often. Well, one thing led to another, and I don't get around to doing that like I wanted to. (Lack of Discipline is the real blame.) But don't tell anyone. **smile**

Today, I would like to recommend a blog that I enjoy reading regarding political issues. This particular blog is really a heavy hitter in terms of reporting straight news and information. I love the content and the writing style. The brotha says on his site that there are no frills. And he ain't lying about that. And that's what I love. But the site is an excellent place to find truth and hard hitting commentary.

I respect the brotha, who calls himself, "The Angry Independent." And I really respect his co-blogger, Rikyrah. Y'all the sistah is bad!

Check them out. If you are into truth and no slants when it comes to political issues, you will love this blog.

With no further avail, I would like to recommend Mirror on America. Enjoy!

Angie Braden

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