Sunday, February 24, 2008

My Early Endorsement of Senator Obama

I'm so glad that I'm not one of these folks that decided to jump on the Obama bandwagon once the brotha started throwing dirt on HC's campaign. Honestly, I didn't necessarily think that Senator Obama could win the dem tic. But I always felt that he was the best person for the job. Therefore, I felt that it was only right to support the one that I feel was most qualified to be the next president of the US, rather than to support the one that is more likely to win. How cowardly is that? It takes courage to support a man that was predicted to lose the primary elections. and why was he predicted to lose the primaries? Because he was not as popular and/or recognizable to the uninformed masses. So, if it means that I have to stand with a few to support the one that is the most qualified, rather than stand with millions to support the one that is the most familiar, then so be it. It's a matter of principle for me.

I couldn't remember how long ago I decided that Obama should be my pick for president. But tonight, I was reading through my blog and found a blog entry that I wrote back in June, endorsing the man that I believed should be our next commander and chief. Had it been that long ago that I took that leap of faith and endorsed a man that was predicted to lose? I guess so. Perhaps I have more faith than I thought. **smile**

And today, I am convinced more than ever that Senator Obama is prepared and ready to lead our country. I saw him today on CNN, countering that nonsense that HC threw at him in Ohio, and I suddenly knew that this man is ready to manage this country with the resolve, the conviction, and the wisdom of a competant executive leader.

I also know that I made a wise choice to not support HC. Yes, I think that she is a tough, brilliant, bold woman, who is qualified to do great things. But the way this woman thought it was a good idea to give Senator Obama, a grown man, a verbal spanking for passing out flyers that are supposedly misleading to the voters in Ohio, let me know that she is not ready to be fair, to be balanced, to be driven with the facts and not wild emotions, to be honest, or to be classy when the pressure is on her backside.

Honestly, I would have supported HC a few years back if she had used this same courage that she is using to try to shake Obama down, to shake down the man who really should have never gotten a chance to have a second term, President George W. Bush. But oh well...

Tomorrow, I will write my Part II regarding my experience at the Obama rally. Check it out.

And if you are a Texan, vote. Do not forget. Please! March 4, 2008 is the date of the Texas primary. Early vote if you can. I'm going to make sure that this week, I get to the poles to cast my vote early.

One more thought... My cousin told me this weekend that she wasn't going to vote for Senator Obama because she felt that he would be dead in two years. I was depressed that she would allow her fear to dictate her decisions. But sadly, that's how a lot of people live their lives.

I challenge you to activate that courage that lives within you to think outside of the box, to support someone that you never thought you would have the chance to support, to stand up for what you believe, even if you think that punishment will come because of your beliefs, and to act on your convictions, even if the masses are going against you. Living life with courage is much more awarding than living life with fear. In fact, there is no such thing as living with fear. If you have fear, you are not living.

Much love, faith, and courage,

Angie Braden


Supreme1 said...

Angie, I agree so much with this "If you have fear, you are not living." This is so true! I don't think many people realize how much fear can rule their lives. As far as the presidency, I am supporting Cynthia McKinney. I love her ability to speak truth to power, and wrote a bill to impeach President "dubya" Bush. I enjoy your post each time I come by.

Angie said...

Hi Supreme1,
This is not your first time dropping by my spot? Wow! Thanks for stopping by, and thanks for commenting this time. I hope you come back again.
God bless,


ensayn said...

Oh no its not my first time, Superme1 is my alter-ego blog pass by and check me out. My original blog is The World of Ensayn Reality. I do come by from time to time. Stay powerful!