Friday, June 08, 2007

My Official Barack Obama Endorsement

I am excited to announce that I have officially thrown all of my support behind Barack Obama. I believe he is the best person for the job. I know it's going to be a hard race. But I plan to stand behind this brother all the way.

Do I think that Obama has all of our problems figured out? Of course not.
Do I think he is going to solve all of our problems if he is elected president? Of course not.
Do I think that Obama is going to make mistakes during his candidacy? Of course.
Do I think that Obama is going to make mistakes if he is elected president? Of course.

I must admit that I wish that Barack Obama would be more firm on issues that he believes in. I want the brother to get more sturdy in his approach to promote issues that he is convicted about.

However, I am now convinced that this brother is the most genuine and determined candidate in the whole pack. Yes, Hil is a wonderful woman. But Obama is my choice for president.

Why am I using my blog to endorse Obama? Well, tonight I visited the American Association of People with Disabilities' website. They have a list of questions that they have been trying to get the candidates to answer. These questions are designed to get the candidate to discuss disability issues.

Well, Obama was the first to answer the questions. And I like his response to their questions. So as a way to express my thanks, I decided to publically announce to the world that I support this brother in his effort to become our first African American president.

Check out the questions and answers he provided on their site.

Angela L. Braden
Obama Supporter

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Heber Brown, III said...

This presidential election is going to be a pivotal one. While I've never officially "endorsed" anyone and I doubt that I will this year; I am going to be looking for the candidate that is brave enough to address a number of issues. Chief among them is the U.S. military occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan. The democrats have been horribly disappointing in continuing U.S. presence in Iraq and have shown little resolve in the movement to redeploy American troops and assist the people of the Middle East in rebuilding efforts. U.S. foreign policy in the Middle East needs to change dramatically. I'm wondering which candidate, if any, will dismiss AIPAC from their coffers and promote a Middle East policy centered on reconciliation, reparations, and justice - especially for those in the Occupied Territories.