Sunday, June 10, 2007

Words of Wisdom

I have an inner circle of friends that consist of four beautiful, smart, bold, creative, young ladies. These sisters have stood behind me during some very rough times. The truth is I probably would have needed some Zanex by now if it wasn't for their love, support, and friendship.

I called my Dallas best friend tonight to tell her about some of the issues I had to deal with this week at my new job. I told her how I wanted to just quit because of all of the crap that I had to deal with at the job. I went on to tell her that I made a decision to not quit, but to stay the course and work out this bad situation.

I shared with my friend that I felt that this opportunity to overcome this conflict will mature me and help me be the complete woman I know I am supposed to be. I decided to stay the course so that I can evolve both personally and professionally. I'm always looking for every opportunity to learn. Far as I'm concerned, I can learn from both the good and the bad experiences. So, in this case I will draw out all of the lessons in this bad experience to make me a stronger wiser woman.

My friend applauded me on my effort to face my issues with courage, dignity, and grace. She told me something that really caused me to stop and think. She said, "There's a difference between quitting and failing."

I tossed her words around in my head and thought about it for a minute. The truth is that I don't want to quit or fail. Both options are extremely unappealing to me.

So, I made a decision that I will not quit or fail. Yes, there is a difference. But the outcome is still the same. As far as I'm concerned, quitting or failing is what stands between a person's success. And since I want success in my life, I need to rule out the possibility of both, quitting and failing.

Lord, give me the courage, the tenacity, the love, the faith to face all of my challenges. Lord, help me to not be afraid of conflict. Help me to rise above the conflict., not avoid it or be afraid of it.

Always getting stronger,

Angie Braden

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