Wednesday, June 06, 2007

I am.

I am who God says I am.

And I agree with God.

So often, others will try to define me.

But I reject their labels.

I refuse to let others tell me who I am, what I should be doing, and where I'm going to go.

God chooses the plans for my life.

And the truth is that I have decided to agree with God on His plans.

Thank you Lord for my status, definition, and identity in you.

Thank you Lord for the plan.


Asabagna said...

Angie, thanks for your insight over at AfroSpear. You are always welcome to comment there.

You have a wonderful page here. I like your positive and spiritual vibe. I will add you to our blogroll and my personal page blogroll also. I will be a frequent visitor here. I like to support and engage with positive people.

God Bless,

Asabagna said...

Angie, I was so moved by the writings on your page that I featured you and your blog on a post at the AfroSpear.


Angela L. Braden said...

Asa, thanks for your kind words.