Sunday, June 24, 2007

Yay!!! This is my 100th post!

Wow, I’m so excited that I have been consistently maintaining my blog over a year now. In March, I celebrated my bloggerversary. But today, I celebrate the posting of my 100th blog entry. I know that may not be many to some of the champions in the blogosphere. But 100 is great for me.

This 100th post is so important to me because it represents a symbol of accomplishment for me. This post is evidence that I have stayed on this path of blogging, without someone standing behind me forcing me to stay on the path, and no one in front of me offering me treats and trinkets if I kept going. I, without outside motivation and supervision, made a commitment to maintaining Nuvision for a Nuday, and I did. I deserve a hug. (smile)

Blogging has been good for me, because I have learned so much about myself and how I choose to project myself to others. While writing about my experiences,
I’m amazed by some of my own experiences and how it has affected me.

But I also love blogging, because I have learned so much about people. Yes, I love blogging about political and social issues. But the student/human in me loves to read about a person and their journey through this thing we call life.

A little something else about me and blogging… I am a lover of public discourse. That’s why I love blogging. But even more than that, I love interpersonal communication.
I love to sit down and exchange with someone through the channels of communication. Remember, I love to unravel the mysteries of our human experience.
And you can only truly do that by sitting and engaging with someone in conversation.

That’s why I majored in Communications in undergrad and graduate school. I love the power to connect with other humans through communication. It’s truly a powerful tool to connect, build, and love.

Here’s a secret… When I travel to different blogs, I often wonder who is the real person sitting behind their computer screen. I often wish I could truly connect with the people that I talk to basically everyday.

(I basically feel like I know a couple of the folks that I talk to everyday on Skep’s site. When I got my job, those people on that site wished me well. And I truly felt the love and concern. It was nothing phony about their well wishes.)

When I run across personal posts that really display the heart of a man, I stop, read, and think. When Field wrote about the experience he had with the sister that aborted their child, I stopped for a moment and tried to feel what he feels as it concerns that situation. When Asa tells me he hopes to be a good daddy like mine, I stop and
add my prayers with his. That’s what being human is all about, thinking, feeling, connecting, and interacting.

This blogging stuff is so interesting. If I ever get my PHD in communications, I plan to research this blogging thing. I wonder how disconnected and/or connected blogging really makes us. I wonder if people that blog are connected and emotionally invested to the people that are in their every day lives, or are they more comfortable connecting with virtual strangers. I wonder how is it possible to give a darn about people that you only exchange a few words with via a blog post.

Well, I’ll go ahead and throw out a hypothesis to the last question. I think it’s because at the end of the day we’re all human.

Well, here’s to 100 more post on Nuvision for a Nuday. I pray that my stories about hope, love, self acceptance, peace, renewal, and freedom inspires you to live life to the fullest. I pray that there is at least one word on this blog that can help you realize how wonderful and marvelous you are. I pray that the spirit in which I write these entries touch you and give you courage, such as it gave me. And finally, I pray that God blesses and enriches you as you travel through this journey that we call life.

Always growing and evolving,

Angie Braden
Committed Blogger


Bygbaby said...

"When I travel to different blogs, I often wonder who is the real person sitting behind their computer screen. I often wish I could truly connect with the people that I talk to basically everyday."

I went to see Tavis Smiley speak a few months ago about his new book & his theme was getting to know the person behind the words. He said that it is important to understands someones back story to understand their whole person.

The 100th post is a great milestone; congrats!!!


African American Political Pundit said...

Angie, congratulations! As BygBaby said its a great milestone.

Candidly I came to your blog wondering who is this Angie person named :- ) that would write those things about me. :- ) As I read your blog I said, wow, we have one important thing in common. I like you, love working with people with disabilities (challenges).

For a number of years I worked as a Director of a program in washington, DC that assisted young urban (mostly black and latino) kids with learning differences (disabilities) in Washington, DC from dropping out of school because of their learning differences. Most of the young people had the challenge of dyslexia (like myself). It was a great experience to work with them because I had the opportunity to guide them on how to "adapt." (We had a great outcomes and a great final evaulation by and independent evaluator and the US Department of ED).

I was able to share my personal story of dropping out of high school, and through having a mentor from the local urban league coach me, return back to school, obtain both my high school diploma, BA and Masters degree in education.

It's interesting the roads we travel, and learning about the person sitting behind their computer screen.

I thought I would take the opportunity to share a liitle bit about myself, as our interaction on the AfroSpear blog surely didnot provide a full picture of the real person behind this computer.

My apology to you if I insulted you in any way.

Best wishes


Asabagna said...

Congrats on your 100th post Lady Angie!

Angie said...

To hear from the brothas... That always makes a girl smile.

Well, Asa, AAPP, and Bygbaby, thank you for all your kind words and support. I love your feedback.

See you around...


Maxjulian said...

Congrats, Ms. Braden.

Angie said...

Thank you, Maxjulian.

Heber Brown, III said...

Congrats on 100 posts! That is no small achievement. To get up everyday...ok...maybe almost everyday and bare your soul to the universe via the internet is something that most people could not do.

I'm really excited about your PhD dissertation as well. I think it would be fascinating research to study blogging's effect on the Human family. I think that blogs have down well to decentralize information sharing. We no longer depend solely on large media conglomerates or outlets to get our information. In addition, I think that blogs have - in a way - connected people. Like you, I've met so many wonderful and passionate people from all over the world via my blog. Finally, I think blogs give some people a license to be the real person that they are. (especially those people who blog anonymously) For many reasons, people may feel like they are restrained in their daily lives and can't be who God created them to be. Blogs give people the power to create their own rules and fashion a place where they can be as vulnerable as they choose to be. Ok let me stop - I'm getting excited about your research.(smile)

Congrats again and please keep it up. Here's to your 1,000th blog entry!!!

Angie said...

Thanks Heber! You know you got this ball rolling. I appreciate all of your inspiration and support.

I don't know if it will ever get to 1000 posts. I'm already growing weary of this. But I keep going, hoping that my words will inspire/transform/enlighten someone. So, maybe I will get to a 1000 posts. But God will certainly have to be dragging me there. LOL