Sunday, February 17, 2008


**Almost ten years ago, I sat down and tried to document some of my experiences that I have been forced to live since I was a young girl. Some of the things that I went through, leave me baffled and extremely thankful that I even survived. I'm so thankful that I am an overcomer. I'm so thankful that I survived some of the darkest moments of life.

well, take a look at this experience I wrote about. Reading it again, trips me out. I'm sure you will be a little tripped out yourself.

Have a good one. and always remember, no matter how dark it gets, no matter how crazy it gets, and no matter how bad it hurts, you can make it. Keep on pushing, and keep insisting on improvement. Life cannot get better if you are not taking the steps to get it better. I know that there are circumstances that can cause you to stall, to freeze, to become imbolized. But the only way you can rise above the pain, the disappointment, the shock, the sorrow, is to rise, to move, to fight, to persist, to insist, to believe, to break free.

Be encouraged!

Angie Braden**

The dragon of insanity crept upon me, seeking to devour my mind. Hallucinations visited me daily. On several occasions, I would see eyes all around me. These eyes were imaginary. But they seemed to be a product of reality. Everywhere I would turn, eyes would be looking back at me. These haunting eyes decorated the walls, the ceiling, and the daytime sky. Every kind of eye that one can imagine were imprisoning me. Eyes with a piercing stare, blinking eyes, green eyes, brown eyes, big eyes, and small eyes were all dancing around me. I would close my eyes, hoping that when I opened them the monstrosity of eyes would have vanished. But sure enough, they were still there. The fear of losing my sight was overtaking me. The thought of not being able to see was disabling my mental health.

**See, I told you the experience was crazy. Boy, I am so glad that I got past that.**

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