Sunday, May 04, 2008

The Word of the Day: "LOOK!", Compliments of Jasmine

Every month, I try to do something fun with my family. We've had so many heartaches in the last few years. So, I try to create some happiness for us. Anhd so far, so good...

Last month, I took two of my three favorite kids, Jasmine and Joseph, to Old MacDonald Farm. Gabby, the third link in my chain of love, was out of pocket. I found out later that she was gone to a "Disney on Ice" event, having a great time. I guess tspontaneity is not always the hroute to go when you're trying to gather three children that are not your own to go somewhere on a Saturday. So, even though I only had two thirds of my darlings with me, we still headed out to one of the places that I had been promising the kids I would take them.

Since Joseph had already been with his kindergarten class, he already knew what to expect. So, he was pretty excited. Jasmine, on the other hand, was just going along for the ride. We told her about all the animals at the farm, but I don't think she really grasped the whole concept.

When we arrived at the farm, she was still a little nonchalant. In fact, I think she was feeling a little salty about being there. I think she had voted to go to the zoo that Saturday. But since she was the only one that wanted to go to the zoo, her preference was voted down.

Well, as soon as we paid the admission into the farm, and Jasmine saw those animals, she perked up to the hundredth degree. She took off running towards the animals, screaming, "Look!" And that's what she did for the next hour and a half. The sight of every animal, the ducks, the sheep, the goat, the pigs, the deer, the rabbits, the donkeys, the horses, and the cows delighted her to no end. Bordem was no where in her life when we were at the farm.

Jasmine, not being a selfish little girl, wanted to make sure that all of us saw what she was seeing. So, as we were walking, and she would see a different animal, she would yell in her little four-year-old voice, "Look!" Sometimes, she would say, "Ann, look!" I think that she forgot that her auntie couldn't "look" at anything, no matter how hard she tried.

When she would realize that telling me to "look" was not the action verb that she should be using when talking to me, her blind auntie, she would stop for a minute and describe to me what she was seeing. I thought it was so kind of her to make sure that I was getting a chance to maybe visualize what she was actually seeing with her eyes.

However, she would get excited when she would see something that was completely unexpected. And what would she do yet again? "Ann, look!" Finally, after I never did respond in the manner that she wished, she stopped telling me to "look", and she placed all of her demands to look on my daddy and her other aunt, Frances. But she continued to try to describe to me all the great sights that she was seeing.

Here are some pictures of Jasmine and Joseph. Oh, and a couple pictures of all the farm animals too... Ain't my babies cute? And the man in the pictures is my darlind daddy, Thurman. Yes, his name is Thurman. Enjoy!


Tanae' A. said...

they are too cute!! ii think you look like your daddy...

Brittany Stubbs said...

aw I loved this post. It reminded me of how much I miss my niece and nephew (they live in Ohio and I live in Texas so we dont see each other often). The pictures were adorable too!