Saturday, October 11, 2008


I've always wanted to compile a list of the things that I hope to experience before I check out of this thing we call life. And today, after having a chit chat with my friend, Randy, I have decided to go ahead and start formulating my must-do-before-dying list.

So, for the next five days, I'm going to post a list of twenty things that I would like to do while I am still in the land of the living.

Why am I creating this list?
So that I can have a real idea, a plan, a goal of things that I will definitely work towards. And as I accomplish one of the things on the list, I will scratch it off. And guess what... As I discover new things that I wish to experience, I will continue to add to the list.

But for now, I'm writing my first 100 things. And you will get a chance to be the first folks to know what my intentions are. So, enjoy!

By the way, these are not written in any particular order.

Before taking my last breath, I would like to:

1. take care of my debt with the IRS.
2. pay-off my student loans.
3. have a breast reduction.
4. be a mortgage free home owner.
5. witness my plays performed on stage.
6. witness my plays tour the country.
7. finish writing one of my books.
8. publish one of my books.
9. relax in the arms of my soul mate.
10. share a true-love kiss with my soul mate.
11. go to Hawaii and stay at a beach-front resort.
12. set up a scholarship fund for high school students who are blind.
13. know in my heart that I trust my soul mate enough to marry him.
14. marry my soul mate without any reservations, reluctance, and fear.
15. lose myself in an incredible sexual experience withthe the man that I love and the man that loves me back.
16. take my mother on a trip of a life time.
17. buy my father a new truck or car.
18. get a doctoral degree.
19. learn how to swim.
20. have a huge salt water fish tank on display in my home.

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