Friday, October 17, 2008


I started writing this list last week. On accident, I wrote 101 things instead of 100. Well, here's the final list from 1 to 101. Wish me the best in my journey to accomplish each and every goal on the list.

1. take care of my debt with the IRS.
2. pay-off my student loans.
3. have a breast reduction.
4. be a mortgage free home owner.
5. witness my plays performed on stage.
6. witness my plays tour the country.
7. finish writing one of my books.
8. publish one of my books.
9. relax in the arms of my soul mate.
10. share a true-love kiss with my soul mate.
11. go to Hawaii and stay at a beach-front resort.
12. set up a scholarship fund for high school students who are blind.
13. know in my heart that I trust my soul mate enough to marry him.
14. marry my soul mate without any reservations, reluctance, and fear.
15. lose myself in an incredible sexual experience withthe the man that I love and the man that loves me back.
16. take my mother on a trip of a life time.
17. buy my father a new truck or car.
18. get a doctoral degree.
19. learn how to swim.
20. have a huge salt water fish tank on display in my home.
21. visit Naigra Falls.
22. meet Oprah.
23. meet Barack Obama.
24. go somewhere for 72 hours without a cell phone and no access to e-mail.
25. see Jill Scott perform live.
26. give birth or adopt a child.
27. take Joseph and Jasmine on a plane ride to California and/or Florida to go to the beach and Disney.
28. trace my family's history on both sides back to at least slavery.
29. have a beautifully landscaped yard with flowers and even a water fountain.
30. travel to Africa.
31. experience great success with multiple plays on stage and even on screen.
32. have a million dollars of liquid assets.
33. have a personal gym in my home, equipped with all of the work-out equipment that best suits me.
34. go on a cruise somewhere beautiful and not too hot.
35. hire my own personal driver.
36. access regularly schedule maid services.
37. become a member at a church that I love and respect.
38. experience the success of being an internationally respected inspirational speaker.
39. live in the same city as Miko.
40. get my teeth completely fixed.
41. see Paula, Frances, and Kim living on their own, experiencing peace, fulfillment, and independence.
42. see Joseph, Jasmine, and Gabby go to college and graduate.
43. help Joseph, Jasmine, and Gabby pay for college related expenses.
44. waterski
45. go to each of the following cities, Chicago, New York, Miami, Seattle, Los Angeles, Washington D.C., and Vegas for a full week with the ability to spend as much money as my heart so desires.
46. visit Brazil.
47. earn a masters in professional counseling.
48. become 100% secure with who Angie is.
49. have a totally flat stomach.
50. be disciplined enough to work-out at least four times a week for the rest of my life.
51. consider healthy eating a way of life rather than diet food.
52. walk on a beach with beautiful black sand.
53. fully furnish my house with beautiful furniture and lovely accents.
54. cut my hair again.
55. jog a mile without feeling like I'm going to pass out.
56. not be so emotionally, financially, and spiritually tied to my sisters.
57. manage my stress and anxiety levels better.
58. pay all of my bills on time.
59. have a best selling book on the market.
60. spend a few hours talking with Dr. Miles Munroe
61. put on a swimsuit and feel totally comfortable.
62. buy as many bras as I want to from a regular department store.
63. stand naked in front of my lover and feel totally comfortable, at peace, and beautiful.
64. somehow get my eyes fixed. (cosmetic)
65. be the owner of a beautiful, diamond filled bracelet.
66. have access to any of the assistive technology that I think would make life easier/more functional for me.
67. get a degree in Biblical Studies.
68. be apart of an effective youth and young adult ministry at a church.
69. go on an Alaskan cruise with someone that will spare no descriptions of how beautiful the surroundings are.
70. make peace with the Gabby situation.
71. be hired as a full-time faculty member at a college or university.
72. live in a midrise or a highrise in the city. (Houston or where ever I'm living.)
73. sit on a quiet beach from sunrise to sunset with someone I love and find incredibly enjoyable. (friend and/or lover)
74. have a swimming pool with heating options in my private backyard.
75. go to a jazz festival on a beautiful island.
76. have tip-top credit.
77. get a facial.
78. get a full-body massage.
79. learn another language.
80. write a $10,000 check to the charity of my choice.
81. permanantly divorce myself from beef and pork.
82. permanantly divorce myself from all carbonated drinks, especially Coke and Mountain Dew.
83. have a beautiful patio, decked out with breathtaking furniture, flowers, and soft lighting.
84. permanantly divorce myself from fried foods.
85. spend a four-day-weekend in the mountains at a charming bed and breakfast.
86. go fishing with my daddy.
87. buy a painting from my friend, Devia.
88. open a loving, protective, beautiful home for foster kids.
89. take Jasmine and Joseph to see snow somewhere in the United States.
90. make enough money that I don't "have to" work for the rest of my life.
91. read the Bible in its entirety in one year.
92. teach at a historically black college or university.
93. prearrange the donation of my deceased body to medical science and research.
94. have a reality television show or documentary that is designed to educate individuals about disability related issues.
95. become excited about attending church again.
96. see my children graduate from college, start their own business, get married, and purchase their first home.
97. do a complete tour of the Hoovver Dam, which includes going into the underground tunnels that were blasted out with dynamite..
98. touch a glacier.
99. touch the outer walls of one of the historical pyramids in Africa.
100. skydive
101. see again. (I know you didn't think I was going to leave that out. **wink** Anything is possible. A. I believe in God. and B. Medical science is progressively magnificent.)

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