Tuesday, May 08, 2012

42 Things I really Hate

Of course, this is not all the things I hate. This is just a quick list of things that just popped in my brain this morning.

1. Bullies
2. Bugs
3. Rats
4. The way many sighted people. perceive blind people
5. A rocky airplane ride
6. Cancer
7. Stroke
8. Glaucoma
9. Overly Priced Consumer Goods
10. Feeling void of control.
11. Not being able to see the people I love.
12. Whatever gene that makes a body prone to holding on to fat!
13. Not being able to be as mobile as I would like.
14. Betrayal
15. Mental Illness
16. The pots lack of empathy and sensitivity for the skillet. **The nerve of the pot!**
17. The taste of coconut
18. 08/02/2002 **The night Mama had her stroke**
19. My inability to say no when I need to not just say it, but scream it.
20. Not having enough money to frequently manufacture moments of happiness and bliss.
21. Not having enough money to change the lives of the people I love.
22. That I never learned how to swim.
23. That they still haven't found a way to reverse my blindness.
24. Dealing with people with explosive personalities.
25. My lack of will power. **If only I could stay on track...**
26. Racism, Xenophobia, Sexism, and Disabilityism
27. Not having a magic wand, a crystal ball, and/or supernatural powers.
28. Not having the ability to time travel.
29. Feeling like I need to pretend to be happy, strong, or at peace curing those many moments when I'm not.
30. Stepping in puddles or mud, whether I'm barefot or with shoes on.
31. The smell of a soiled diaper
32. Green Peppermints
33. Touching Spiderwebs
34. Not knowing how the story is going to end.
35. Nasty Public Restrooms!
36. Eye Pain
37. That the info-guide on my television is not accessible to the blind.
38. Ridiculous storylines on the Young and the Restless
39. Raw Onions
40. SPAM
41. The smell of a decomposing body
42. that I have a strong fear of rejection.

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