Wednesday, May 09, 2012

The Final Status Update

It has just dawned on me that when I die, my various homes on the web will be the place my friends and family will come to memorialize me as soon as they hear of my passing. That's exactly what I've done for a few of the people I know. As soon as I get word of their departure, I go to their FB page and spend a few moments with their status updates they left behind as tiny treasures. I even read some of the kind words people post on their walls.

Perhaps it may be strange to some, spending a little time on their social network pages helps me feel like I'm getting a chance to spend a few more moments with that person. I believe that in a way, FB immortalizes our thoughts, ideas, and even expressions of our personalities.

I don't know why it never dawned on me that people would one day visit my social netowrking sites after I'm gone. I guess it's because we seldom give "real" energy to the fact that we will all pass from this life to somewhere else. But the truth is that we all will leave here one day. And most of us will not get a chance to change our FB status or post a new blog entry to whatever we want our final words to be.

At this point, I've asked my family to leave my FB page up for a year after I die, but to leave my blog up for as long as Blogger allows it to stay up.

I leave you with this question.... What does your presence on the web say about the life you've lived?

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