Friday, May 04, 2012

Random Reflections About Very Specific Things (?th Edition)

Since I've been blogging here at NuVision, I've published collections of my random thoughts from time to time. I always title it with the above title. However, as the title suggest, my thoughts are quite random and never similar to prior posts that have the same title. This post will be no different. Today, I thought I would write and publish a post about the random thoughts that are floating in my head. And just so you know... While these thoughts are quite random on some level, they are actually quite specific. So, here goes...

1. I have a triple minority status in this great country we call the United States of America. I'm African American. I am a woman. And I am disabled. All of those labels represent experiences that have introduced me to a laundry list of isms that have a wide range of social challenges.

Perhaps some will be offended by what I'm about to say. So, allow me to apologize now. And I invite you to read beyond the part that may offend you. There's a point to the thought I'm having on this issue.

I'm glad I'm not gay.

Okay... Here's the part when you continue to read so that you can understand why I said the above. No point in you clicking away from this post with anger or disgust, without giving me a chance to explain myself.

The reason why I say I'm glad I'm not gay is not because I think gay is immoral, sinful, or void of the possibilities of real love. I'm glad I'm not gay because of the way people that are not gay look at gay people. I hear all the things that heterosexuals say about homosexuals. I won't repeat it here. I'm sure that many of you already know the opinions that are commonly spouted off by those that are not gay. And I'm also sure you already know how often people that are not gay shun and excommunicate people that are gay.

If I was gay, it would further complicate my life. The skin I live in is already bruised and battered by the social experiences that are unique to people that are black, female, and blind. If gay was added to my list of minority labels, I think that would be just too much for me to handle.

My heart goes out to all of my friends and family that are living in that skin. May you experience peace and strength as you live in a world that is not accepting and understanding of your reality.

2. If I could see to drive, I cannot number the places I would go. I would probably always be in the street visiting loved ones, shopping, and just enjoying the outdoors. These blind eyes of mine really keep me grounded in the house way more than I appreciate. I'm hoping that one day, I'll meet someone that loves to enjoy life outside of the four walls of the house, the same way I like to.

3. Two weeks ago, I traveled to Atlanta, GA. I had a fabulous time! The last day I was there, my friend took me to the CNN Center. For the first time in my life, I got a chance to know how the CNN logo looks. He allowed me to feel a metal construction of the logo that was mounted inside the building. He was shocked that I didn't know what the logo looked like. But the truth is that I've been blind almost as long as CNN has been around. So, it is not farfetched that I wouldn't know what the logo looks like. I plan to blog more about my trip later.

4. Someone I love has cancer. While I was in ATL, I dreamt about this person and their cancer. Tears slid from my eyes after I woke up and contemplated my dream. I've never had a dream that has brought me to tears. That's how much I'm impacted by all of this. I pray that everything will be okay. Perhaps I'll blog about this later too.

5. I wish I could be taken care of for a while. Taking care of others for the last ten years has left me exhausted. I wish I could win the lotto or convince some moderately wealthy man to love me. Pathetic, right? I know. You would never expect a proactive, strong sista, like myself, to admit that she wishes she had a man to take care of her. Well, the truth is that I do. That's how tired I am. But if you'd notice, I wished for the lotto ticket before I wished for the rich man. I'll leave you to think about why I wished in that order. LOL

6. I'm starting another work-out and diet regiment today. Wish me well as I make my one millionth attempt to lose this weight for good. Say so long to the overweight, unhealthy girl that has taken over my life. Say hello to the healthy girl that's been crying to come out of the closet for so many years.

Have a fantastic day!

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