Thursday, May 24, 2012

Preparing for the 18th Time

Next Friday, I'll be exchanging my easy, breezy, summer outfit for a thin, hospital gown that has been worn by countless other people that are sick enough that they need to actually be in the hospital. **I certainly hope they use hot, hot, hot water and bleach to wash the towels, linen, and gowns in the hospital.** Let me move on before I stall here. LOL

While this will be the 18th time I'll be having a surgical procedure, this surgery will be the first time I will have this particular part of my body cut on. Honestly, I'm not looking forward to being forcibly put to sleep by the doctors, just so they can poke, probe, and cut on me, all without me sensing anything at all. My only comfort is that I won't feel the pain that they'll be causing me during the surgery. Likewise, I take comfort in knowing that the end result of the surgery means that I'll be free of the pain this medical condition is causing me.

The docs have informed me that I'll have about a week of recovery time. I guess I'll be in my bed catching up on sleep, and for sure catching up on my reading. The Texas State Library has updated their digital book catalog.
So, I'll be cozying up with a few John Sandford books and the latest from John Grisham. Yay!

Perhaps I'll post another entry before my surgery. But just in case I don't, go ahead and wish me well now!

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