Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Random Reflections

1. I wonder what kind of personality and temperament I would've had if I wasn't introduced to the stress of chronic illness and loss at such an early age. What path would I have taken if disability had mercifully passed over me, rather than forcefully weaving itself into every aspect of my life?

2. I wish I could heal my mother of all her illnesses and pains. She doesn't deserve to endure so much suffering. Oh, how I wish I could make it all better for her. She shouldn't have to wait until she gets to heaven to be alright.

3. I wish I could press the delete button on the mental illness gene that runs in my family. I wish I could get rid of the fat gene too. :) Bad genes are one of those unfair aspects of living.

4. I need some rest.

5. I need some rest.

6. Did I say I need some rest already? LOL

7. So far, summer school is good this year. No complaints as the student or the teacher.

8. I'm trying something different with my hair. It's a style I've never tried before in my life. I think I like it already. Yay! This style will get me through the first two summer months. By the time my family reunion comes in August, I'll be back to the usual.

9. I wonder if I'm aging well, or do I look a mess?

10. I hate that I have to pay home owner's association fees.