Sunday, December 14, 2014

Certified Daddy's Girl

A little over 40 years ago, I stepped out on the scene and started this thing called life. There were two people that vowed to help me from day one be the very best Angela I could be: Thurman and Margie. Since then, they have never left my side.

These two worked relentlessly to ensure that their daughter was smart, well rounded, pretty on the inside (Genes took care of the outside.), responsible, tenacious, confident, nice, gracious, even-tempered, and appropriate in most situations.

Let's keep it real.... Often times, mothers hold it down for us when fathers are somewhere lost doing other things. But in my situation, my father stuck by me all the way.

I have plenty Daddy stories to tell, but I'm going to tell this one.
When I first started losing my sight, I couldn't see the light blue lines on the writing paper we were required to use. I sat and watched Daddy carefully take a ruler and marker to trace bold lines on a piece of paper. He then took that sheet of paper to the copy center and ran off bright yello copies of the paper. The contrast of the yelo and black was so great, I had no problem seeing how to write on the lines. (Things went down hill from there. But that has nothing to do with Daddy's commitment to me. LOL)

So, from changing my diaper, to drawing lines on a sheet of paper, to visiting me every weekend in Austin at the school for the blind, to walking me across the stage at my college graduation, to running me back and forth to the hospital to visit my mother who had a stroke, to taking me to the pharmacy to pick up tampons, to dropping and picking me up from the beauty salon, and most recently taking me to Home Depot to buy the toilets and faucets he's going to install in my house: I can do nothing but Thank God that I'm Thurman's daughter.

Happy Birthday Daddy!!!!!!!! I love you so much! You are truly my super hero!
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