Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The Houston Obama Rally (Part II.)

After arriving at the Toyota Center, we jumped out the car and started the journey to find the entrance that I was told to use. Well, people were every where. We could hardly walk on the sidewalks. It reminded me of NYC when all the people are getting off of work at quitting time. People, people, people, covering the streets, like ants covering a cracker.

Well, my cousin, who didn't have any problem pushing her way through the crowd, got us through without any incidents. She was forging her way through the crowd, sometimes announcing, "Excuse me. I have a blind woman with me." Usually, I mind those kinds of announcements. But since we were on a mission, I understand and endorse using whatever means are necessary to get the job done. And that's exactly what she was doing.

When we got to the door, the workers did not want to let us in, because we didn't have a blue VIP pass. My cousin explained to the workers that we were instructed by the Obama office to use that particular entrance. The workers were still tripping. Finally, I explained my issue to a police officer, informing him that we were told that people with disabilities could access the VIP entrance. Well, he let us through.

Once we got on the inside, we had to sit down and wait until the workers could show us where we could sit. Well, of course, the workers were running and leaping to serve the so called VIP's. They ignored us and continued to ask us to wait to be seated. Each time they would ask us to wait, they would escort another so called VIP to their seats. Well, an hour went by, and your girl was starting to get fired up. As much as I didn' want to set it off, I knew that it was getting closer and closer to me actually having to clown them.

Thankfully, I didn't have to clown too much. After I got through frowning up my face and strongly telling Obama's staff and volunteers that I was instructed by an Obama staffer to use that entrance, and that accessibility should have been considered and planned for, they started trying to help me. One of the ladies started apologizing to me profusely. Well, she was a little out done when I responded to her apology with my brand of rebuke. I told her that i was not shocked by the way we were being ignored and neglected. I told her that the disabled is the most forgotten/neglected/pushed aside population in the US. She was stunned by my words. She told me to "please not say that." I guess she couldn't handle the truth.

Well, now that we were going to our seats, I wasn't ticked any more. I brushed off the annoyance with the workers and geared myself for one of the greatest opportunities of my life-to see the next President of the United States. I sat in my chair, and took a deep breath, excited that I was getting a chance to be apart of a phenominal historical moment.

**I will write my third installment to this four part story tomorrow. Check me out. I will also write about how some of the events of the last few days has effected me.

Have a good day, and be blessed.


Sunday, February 24, 2008

My Early Endorsement of Senator Obama

I'm so glad that I'm not one of these folks that decided to jump on the Obama bandwagon once the brotha started throwing dirt on HC's campaign. Honestly, I didn't necessarily think that Senator Obama could win the dem tic. But I always felt that he was the best person for the job. Therefore, I felt that it was only right to support the one that I feel was most qualified to be the next president of the US, rather than to support the one that is more likely to win. How cowardly is that? It takes courage to support a man that was predicted to lose the primary elections. and why was he predicted to lose the primaries? Because he was not as popular and/or recognizable to the uninformed masses. So, if it means that I have to stand with a few to support the one that is the most qualified, rather than stand with millions to support the one that is the most familiar, then so be it. It's a matter of principle for me.

I couldn't remember how long ago I decided that Obama should be my pick for president. But tonight, I was reading through my blog and found a blog entry that I wrote back in June, endorsing the man that I believed should be our next commander and chief. Had it been that long ago that I took that leap of faith and endorsed a man that was predicted to lose? I guess so. Perhaps I have more faith than I thought. **smile**

And today, I am convinced more than ever that Senator Obama is prepared and ready to lead our country. I saw him today on CNN, countering that nonsense that HC threw at him in Ohio, and I suddenly knew that this man is ready to manage this country with the resolve, the conviction, and the wisdom of a competant executive leader.

I also know that I made a wise choice to not support HC. Yes, I think that she is a tough, brilliant, bold woman, who is qualified to do great things. But the way this woman thought it was a good idea to give Senator Obama, a grown man, a verbal spanking for passing out flyers that are supposedly misleading to the voters in Ohio, let me know that she is not ready to be fair, to be balanced, to be driven with the facts and not wild emotions, to be honest, or to be classy when the pressure is on her backside.

Honestly, I would have supported HC a few years back if she had used this same courage that she is using to try to shake Obama down, to shake down the man who really should have never gotten a chance to have a second term, President George W. Bush. But oh well...

Tomorrow, I will write my Part II regarding my experience at the Obama rally. Check it out.

And if you are a Texan, vote. Do not forget. Please! March 4, 2008 is the date of the Texas primary. Early vote if you can. I'm going to make sure that this week, I get to the poles to cast my vote early.

One more thought... My cousin told me this weekend that she wasn't going to vote for Senator Obama because she felt that he would be dead in two years. I was depressed that she would allow her fear to dictate her decisions. But sadly, that's how a lot of people live their lives.

I challenge you to activate that courage that lives within you to think outside of the box, to support someone that you never thought you would have the chance to support, to stand up for what you believe, even if you think that punishment will come because of your beliefs, and to act on your convictions, even if the masses are going against you. Living life with courage is much more awarding than living life with fear. In fact, there is no such thing as living with fear. If you have fear, you are not living.

Much love, faith, and courage,

Angie Braden

Friday, February 22, 2008

The Houston Obama Rally (Part I.)

My best friend, who lives in California, called me last Saturday to inform me that Senator Obama was planning to be in Houston for a rally that upcoming Tuesday. Well, excitement filled my spirit, and I knew I had to do whatever it took to get there. There was no way I could allow this event to touch my town, and I not do whatever it takes to have my face in the place.

Well, Miko stated that we needed to register for the event. The next thing she told me is that it was free. Free? Yes, it was free! From what I hear, the Clintons had also planned a few events in the area. But their events were top dollar events. So, even though I was prepared and willing to pay for a ticket to hear Senator Obama speak, it did my heart well to be able to experience the Obama magic, without having to give up a dime.

Well, we took care of the RSVP business on line to make sure that we would be in the house. After we registered, I immediately became concerned about the crowd, the entrances for the crowds to use to get in the building, and the stadium style seating. I knew that if I was going to attend the event, I needed to make sure that there would be an accessible entrance and seating for people with disabilities. I planned to take my mother with me. So, I needed to make sure that my mother, who uses a wheelchair when she goes out in the community, was going to be able to have a place to sit. I also needed to make sure that your girl wouldn't have to go down a lot of stairs to get to a seat. (Sometimes, steep stairs, in a very unfamiliar territory, frightens a sistah. LOL)

Since I am a proactive sistah, I immediately started making my calls. I called the Houston Obama office and talked to some guy that appeared to be someone official. But from what I hear, it is more likely that he was a volunteer. But whatever...

Well, I told the man about my accessibility concerns. He stated, and I quote, "I would assume that there will be accessible entrances and seating for the disabled." I told the man that I would also "assume" that there would be accessible entrances and accommodations if I was living in a fantasy land. But I told him that living life with a disability has taught me that assuming that accommodations provisions have been considered and put in place was not a good idea. I explained to him that as sad as it may be, it is more likely for accommodations to be unavailable. And most of the times it is not because it is completely unavailable. It is mostly because the people that are assigned to assist the public are often uninformed and unaware that the accommodations are there.

Allow me to give an example. When I go to restaurants, if I'm feeling radical, I always ask the staff for a braille menu. Most times, the staff is embarrassed and shocked that I am asking for a braille menu. Well, half the time, the person has to shamefully inform me that there is not a menu available. And the other half of the time, The staff come back with a smile on their face and hand me the menu. They often state when they return, "I didn't even know we had a braille menu to give to our blind customers." My point exactly.

Of course there is accessible seating for people who are disabled at the Toyota Center. But what I needed to know is if whether or not the event coordinators for the Obama Rally had considered and made provisions for the accessible entrances and seating. I needed to make sure that the event coordinators had informed all of their wonderful volunteer staff that would be working the event how and where to direct people with disabilities.

I called the Obama office again and again, talking to different volunteers, and getting the same tired answer from each of them. Well, finally the morning of the event, a light bulb went off in my head. The day before, the official Obama office had opened in Houston, and this particular office was being ran by actual staff and not volunteers. I figured that the Obama staff would be able to offer greater insight on my accessibility concerns.

I called the volunteer Obama office and got the number to the Houston HQ. I spoke with a very nice woman, who is the office manager for the official Obama HQ in Houston. She told me that people with disabilities should use the Bell Street entrance, which was set up for people with disabilities and the VIP guests. She told me that the campaign had designated that entrance and seating for people with disabilities. I was so glad that the Obama folks had remembered to make provisions for the most "forgotten population" in our country.

I called my mother and gave her the great news. My mother was immediately put at ease when I told her that we wouldn't have to be worried about standing in the long lines with the larger crowd, and that we were going to have accessible seating once we got on the inside. I knew that my mother wanted to go. But I also knew that she was experiencing a little anxiety about going to an event like that. She feels so uncomfortable being pushed in a wheelchair in crowds. Can you blame her? She also feels uneasy about going places and not knowing if a restroom is going to be close and accessible. I think any of us who have a bladder can imagine what it is like to have to use the restroom, but be too ill to walk a far distance to get there.

**Stay tuned for part II of this experience. Trust me, I got a lot to tell.**

Sunday, February 17, 2008


**Almost ten years ago, I sat down and tried to document some of my experiences that I have been forced to live since I was a young girl. Some of the things that I went through, leave me baffled and extremely thankful that I even survived. I'm so thankful that I am an overcomer. I'm so thankful that I survived some of the darkest moments of life.

well, take a look at this experience I wrote about. Reading it again, trips me out. I'm sure you will be a little tripped out yourself.

Have a good one. and always remember, no matter how dark it gets, no matter how crazy it gets, and no matter how bad it hurts, you can make it. Keep on pushing, and keep insisting on improvement. Life cannot get better if you are not taking the steps to get it better. I know that there are circumstances that can cause you to stall, to freeze, to become imbolized. But the only way you can rise above the pain, the disappointment, the shock, the sorrow, is to rise, to move, to fight, to persist, to insist, to believe, to break free.

Be encouraged!

Angie Braden**

The dragon of insanity crept upon me, seeking to devour my mind. Hallucinations visited me daily. On several occasions, I would see eyes all around me. These eyes were imaginary. But they seemed to be a product of reality. Everywhere I would turn, eyes would be looking back at me. These haunting eyes decorated the walls, the ceiling, and the daytime sky. Every kind of eye that one can imagine were imprisoning me. Eyes with a piercing stare, blinking eyes, green eyes, brown eyes, big eyes, and small eyes were all dancing around me. I would close my eyes, hoping that when I opened them the monstrosity of eyes would have vanished. But sure enough, they were still there. The fear of losing my sight was overtaking me. The thought of not being able to see was disabling my mental health.

**See, I told you the experience was crazy. Boy, I am so glad that I got past that.**

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Recommended Blog

Well, anyone that reads my blog knows that at one time, I had every intention on recommending a blog that I like to read pretty often. Well, one thing led to another, and I don't get around to doing that like I wanted to. (Lack of Discipline is the real blame.) But don't tell anyone. **smile**

Today, I would like to recommend a blog that I enjoy reading regarding political issues. This particular blog is really a heavy hitter in terms of reporting straight news and information. I love the content and the writing style. The brotha says on his site that there are no frills. And he ain't lying about that. And that's what I love. But the site is an excellent place to find truth and hard hitting commentary.

I respect the brotha, who calls himself, "The Angry Independent." And I really respect his co-blogger, Rikyrah. Y'all the sistah is bad!

Check them out. If you are into truth and no slants when it comes to political issues, you will love this blog.

With no further avail, I would like to recommend Mirror on America. Enjoy!

Angie Braden

What will it take for some people to learn?

A couple of weeks ago, I went to Walgreen's at about 1:00 in the morning to get some medicine that I needed to get in my system to stop me from coughing all night. While my sister and I was in the store, we decided to pick up a couple of household items that we needed.

Well, as we were about to turn on one of the aisles in the store, a man came out of what seemed like nowhere and grabbed my hand from behind. I was stunned for a moment. I turned around and looked in the direction of the person that had grabbed my hand from behind. Before I could say anything, the man said, "Can you tell that a nice, handsome, young man has taken your hand?"

I was appalled that this man had the nerve to grab my hand, violating my personal space, and then tried to act like he was flirting. Well, anyone that knows me, knows that although I can't see, I am well able of "looking at you" like you are crazy as hell. Well, I didn't hold back. I gave that man "the look", and he knew that he had pi$$ed me all the way off.

I snatched my hand from him, and replied, "no." to his question. He hurried up and walked away from me. I think he could sense that I was about to pounce all over him.

Here's what I found out after the man walked away.
A. The man, who ignorantly and disrespectfully grabbed me from behind, was a police officer. Can you believe that?
B. Because the man was a police officer, I learned it was a good thing that I disobeyed by first instinct to clock whoever had grabbed me from behind. Didn't he know that it is dangerous to grab a woman like that, at that time of night. Yeah, I might have been blind, but I may have been a roughneck blind sistah. He didn't know. Plus, he didn't know what kind of woman my sister was. Which brings me to C...
C. My sister, Kim, has my back more than I thought she did. Kim was ready to go to war for her oldest sister. She didn't care that the man was a cop. She was ready to tell him off for grabbing me like that. The only reason why she calmed down was because I talked her into relaxing.

I guess there are some people that just don't get it. Just because a person is disabled, does not mean you can treat them like their not an adult. Just because I'm blind, does not mean that I am so desperate for male affection that I would be leaping for joy, just because some random man has grabbed me in a 24-Hour Walgreen's.

**I've been meaning to write about this for a couple of weeks, but I've been so busy at work. Plus, I've been sick. Y'all, what I thought was the flu was apparently pneumonia. The radiologist said I had pneaumonia in my right lung. No wonder I felt like I was going to die a few times last week.

But now, I feel better, and I feel like my blogging energy has returned. So, look out for me. I haven't hung up my blogger's hat just yet.

Love y'all!

Angie Braden
Triumphant Sistah

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Don't give up on me just yet.

I'm not a faithful blogger like some of my fellow bloggers, who find the time to post on their blog and other blogs every single day. But I try to at least post an entry once a week. But the last few months, one would not be able to tell that I like to post that much at all.

I've had so many distractions that have made it difficult for me to keep up with Nuvision for a Nuday. But I don't want those who take out time from their lives to visit my blog to drop by and find nothing interesting, nothing from the heart. And unfortunately, that's what's been happening. But, today, I make a promise that I will start blogging more.

So check me out as the days roll by. You will find a lot more content on my blog. I can't promise an entry everyday or even every other day. But I will post an entry once a week.

Because I'm a bit under the weather, I don't have enough energy to push something out today. But tomorrow, I'll hit you guys back up.

Off topic: I'm so excited about Senator Obama. For the record, a few months ago, Nuvision for a Nuday, which is me, endorsed the brother, putting my full support behind him. Back then, it was a total gamble. Even I, having made my official endorsement, didn't totally believe that the brotha could actually be president. But today, I'm excited that Nuvision's candidate may actually be called President in November. I'm so ready to leave my job and get home to watch the numbers roll in tonight.

Well, have a good one. And I'll meet you here tomorrow.


Angie Braden
Obama Supporter