Sunday, December 10, 2006

Receiving to Give

Give me salvation
I want to live
Give me your spirit
I want to be free
Give me your anointing
I want to be healed
Give me understanding
So that I won’t condemn
Give me strength
I want to do all things
Give me direction
I want to be led
Give me prosperity
That I might spread
Give me a vision
So that I won’t faint
Give me liberty
That I may cast off constraints

Give me peace
That passes all understanding
Give me joy
That will strengthen me
Give me love
That is unconditional
Give me faith
That can move mountains
Give me determination
That is relentless
Give me correction
That I might go higher
And Lord even give me tribulation
So that I will learn to be patient

For all these things you have given me
I give my life
For all these things you’ve rendered me
I give you all my time
For every sacrifice you’ve made
I’ll give you praise
For giving your life to me
I’ll do the same

Lord, here I am
I give you all of me
I know this gift is not much
But you will love me just the same
Thanks for receiving me
Thanks for giving to me
Thanks for forgiving me
Thanks for believing in me
Beloved, you are mine
And I am yours

Written by: Angela L. Braden

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