Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The Charge

Sometimes, I really get down about this whole blind thing, family issues, and just life in general. Living sometimes feels like a chore, a never ending task, an endless road that leads me to the land of nowhere.

But then, as I'm sitting, with a hand full of confetti and ready to blow up the balloons for my pity party, God reminds me that I do not have to allow my tragedy, the loss of my sight, my family problems, and everything else to define me. I define me and this life I’m living.

I'm in charge of my life. My blindness may have an influence on how I do daily tasks. But my blindness, my disability is not in charge. It doesn't boss me.

I'm a slave to nothing but God.

My family situation may indeed impact the choices that I have to make, the arrangements I have to make, and the way I plan my life. But it is not in charge of me. My family situation does not define my life. In fact, Angela defines, shapes, and directs the family situations. I boss it. It doesn’t boss me. My presence in the family impacts the situations. I create the change. The family situation will not change me. I’m in charge of this.

I’m a slave to nothing but God.

In the recent days, I’ve been worried about my career, how I’m going to make some money to take care of myself. But I’m not going to allow worry fear, and anxiety to define me. I’m in charge of my finances and my career path. If God said go, I will go. And I don’t have to worry about the provision. God supplies and undergirds what He has ordained. He will not send me anywhere and won’t meet my needs. If He is indeed the one that is sending me, He has an abundance waiting for me. But I have to trust Him enough to accept the call, get up, and go. And that is when He will reveal the provision, no sooner, no later. And I believe that!

I’m a slave to nothing but God. And I don’t mind being a slave to Him.
You know why?
Being a slave to God makes me a free woman. More free than I've ever been before in this life...

So the truth is that I’m actually not in charge. God is in charge. He’s the boss. And He has given me the liberty, the right, the power to take charge of my life, my destiny, my position in this world. And I am handling up on that charge from God to be in charge.

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