Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Still a Virgin

I'm sure that most of you can remember your first time.

Unfortunately, I can't say that I've been fortunate enough to have that unforgettable experience.

Why haven't I?

Well, various circumstances and a lack of opportunity have left me void of that first experience that most people have by the time their 21.

I'm told that the "first time" can be somewhat clumsy and rigid. But once you push pass your trepidation, it is awesome!

Too bad that I'm relegated to remaining a virgin for the rest of my life.

Be optimistic, you say?

Well, at this point, I don't ever expect to get my sight back, not unless a medical miracle occurs in my lifetime. So, as long as I can't see, I'll never get a chance to sit behind the wheel of a car and drive it down a street.

(You thought I was talking about sex, didn't you?!!!! LOL that’s not the only kind of virgin a person can be. Expand your thinking!!! LOLOL)

Last month, my sister bought a new car. I rode with her to take the final paperwork back to the dealership, so that her purchase could be final. When we rode off the car lot, my heart unexpectedly started to quake.

There I was, sitting in the passenger seat of her shiny black car, feeling an emotion that I’m not quite familiar with. Jealousy... And as we rode down FM 1960, that jealousy morphed into a twinge of profound sadness.

I silently considered why I was feeling this way. I've been the passenger in plenty cars and trucks. So, why did this particular ride bother me so much?

I realized at that very moment that I, Angela Braden, never got a chance to sit behind a wheel and drive. I never had the chance to have a driver's license. And I will likely never have the chance to purchase a vehicle that I will be able to legally drive. For a few profound minutes, on that sunny afternoon, it was hard for me to accept that large dose of reality, which was violently splashed right in my face.

But because I refuse to host or attend any pity parties, I quickly tore up the invitation to be depressed about my aging virginity. I angled the air condition vents directly on me, leaned back in my seat, and enjoyed the heat from the Houston sun across my face as I was being chauffeured back to my house in a shiny, new car. How many folks can say that they have a team of personal drivers?! LOL

Take this bit of advice from a blind woman... It's all in how you "choose" to see it!!!

All the best to you!
Angela Braden


The Original Wombman said...

LoL!! Angie . . . that was great. :)

Becky Andrews said...

Great post and yes I was surprised by the direction it took! I did drive for some time and so my loss is somewhat different but can definitely understand what you mean -- at times I feel that pang of sadness to hop in the car. You are right - we can look at it differently and most of the time I do and enjoy the companionship of drivers!