Monday, May 11, 2015

Join Me at my New Spot!

Hey guys!
I haven't exactly fallen off the edge of the world wide web. I've only been absent here. Well, not really absent... My words and experiences are still here for anyone to read and reread as much as they would like. So, continue to enjoy my honest ramblings about my life and the disability I live with!
But if you're one of these folks that's looking for new content from me, I'd like to invite you to my public Facebook page.
There you will find inspirational content and articles that will hopefully offer you some insight, encouragement, and resolve to keep moving, no matter how dark it is around you.
Also, I wanted to let you know that I'll be launching a new blog that will likely be more revealing than this one. I'll be addressing my mid-life crisis, blindness, dating, friendship, and career issues. Stay tuned!
Oh, and by the way... Articles from me on a rage of subjects are floating around on the world wide web. Last year, I started writing for a online news platform that publishes news and commentary on African American issues. Wish I could point you to a few, but I really need to get back to grading papers. If you're interested, just google my name: Angela L. Braden. A few of the nearly 200 articles will surely pop up.
Take care of yourself. And don't forget to follow me over at Facebook. I'd love to have you as my lovely guest.
Smooches and well wishes!
Angela L. Braden


Otak kiri said...

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