Monday, December 19, 2022

Still Here

This tiny spot on the web used to be the place I called home. I would come here a few times a week and show my naked, blind ass to anyone that purposely or unintentionally walked pass my unshaded windows. I didn’t expose myself because I wanted to be famous; and not even because I ached for affirmation from the masses. I came here and did my thing for two reasons and two reasons only. I wanted to show the world what I see through these blind eyes of mine. And I guess I also wanted to get some shit off my chest. Some of the posts I wrote here are actually inspirational, informative, and shockingly enough some damn good writing. But some of the posts are rambling complaints about family and work. Clearly, some of the items I wrote were to unload and elevate myself above the BS I was experiencing in my daily life. Perhaps both were appropriate for this spot. I’m not sure. Either way, everything I shared here was true, authentic, fearless, bold, and a record of how and what I was feeling at that time. So, I’ll settle on being proud of my little home, even if I did abandon it years ago. I left my home because I worried that some of the lurkers would be my employers and other people I was trying to convince to pay me for Angie Braden services. I didn’t want this spot to deter them from thinking I was capable of being professional, mature, competent, and careful. However, I now wish I had remained here, in all my naked glory. I should’ve never let my fears stop me from being authentically me. Furthermore, I should’ve never gave up a spot that I carved out on the web. Because when I was here doing my thing, blogging while disabled wasn’t really a thing. I was truly one of the first. That, I’m proud of. So, Here I am. Still here... But not still here, at NuVision for a NuDay... But still in the land of the living... But I think I am going to consider coming back here to write, share, and show a little bit of these big thighs of mine. I presume that time will reveal whether or not my exhibitionist tendencies are still at play. Signing off... Angie Braden

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